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Past events

  • February 2023

    1 February 2023 Cotswold & Malvern Jon Evans, ‘The Wildside Garden’

    1 February 2023East Kent Members talk, Tim Ingram & Jeremy Spon

    1 February 2023 Derby  Diane Clement, ‘Woodland Plants in the Wild and in Cultivation’

    4 February 2023AGS Snowdrop Day at Lilleshall National Conferencing Centre, Shropshire TF10 9AT

    4 February 2023 West Yorkshire Paul Cumbleton & Colin Everett – ZOOM TALK IN HALL ‘Our Odyssey With Bulbs’

    7 February 2023 – Shropshire Tim Ingram, ‘Alpines and Perennials for Dry Gardens’ (Speaker zoomed into the Hall)

    8 February 2023Oxford & District John Grimshaw, ‘The Treasure Chest: Gems from a Plantsman’s Garden’

    10 February 2023Chiltern TBC (via Zoom)

    10 February 2023Wirral & West Cheshire Zoom meeting: Paul Cumbleton, ‘Crevice gardening’

    14 February 2023Cleveland David Charlton, ‘African Extremities’

    15 February 2023Norfolk Richard Green, ‘Northern India’ (via Zoom)

    16 February 2023North Lancashire TBA

    20 February 2023Warwickshire Ian Smith, ‘Flowers of the World’

    22 February 2023AGS Zoom Lecture Alan Ayton, ‘Alpine Flora of Australia’

    23 February 2023Essex David Haselgrove, ‘The South African West coast – an AGS Trip’

    23 February 2023Hampshire via Zoom, TBC

    25/26 February 2023East Kent, Garden visit (weather dependent)

    27 February 2023East Cheshire Razvan Chisu, ‘Early summer in the Western Alps’

    27 February 2023East Lancashire ZOOM Lecture T.J.Maher, ‘Taking a field & making a garden’

  • January 2023

    4 January 2023 Cotswold & Malvern No Meeting

    7 January 2023Dorset Mike Read, ‘Travels through the Rocky Mountains’

    10 January 2023Cleveland Members Night

    11 January 2023Oxford & District Member’s meeting

    12 January 2023South Devon Kurt Vickery, ‘Botanising in the year of lockdown- Treasures under our noses’

    13 January 2023Chiltern Harry Jans (via Zoom), ‘Armenian alpines’ TBC

    13 January 2023Wirral & West Cheshire Zoom meeting: George & Liz Knowles (from Toronto), ‘Echoes of Wild Places’

    14 January 2023 West Yorkshire Jim Almond – ZOOM TALK IN HALL. Primulaceae in pots

    16 January 2022 – East Cheshire Michael Myers, ‘Winter interest: Flowers, Foliage and Bark’

    16 January 2023Warwickshire Razvan Chisu, ‘Spanish Daffodils and other Gems’

    17 January 2023AGS Zoom Lecture Razvan Chisu, ‘Early Summer in the Western Alps’

    18 January 2023Norfolk Bob Wallis, ‘Fritillaries on Four Continents’ (via Zoom)

    19 January 2023North Lancashire David Charlton, ‘Mats, carpets and cushions in New Zealand and Svalbard’

    23 January 2023East Lancashire ZOOM lecture Connor Smith, ‘Utrecht Botanic Garden’

    26 January 2023Essex Rod Willett, ‘The elusive orchid’ & AGM

    26 January 2023 – Hampshire Via Zoom – Adrian Cooper, TBC

  • December 2022

    28 November – 18 December 2022 – AGS Patagonia Tour

    1 December 2022Dorset Members’ question time

    1 December 2022South Devon Richard Horswood, ‘Northern Patagonia with the A.G.S.’

    5 December 2022Bedfordshire Martyn Denney, ‘Cyclamen in the wild and in cultivation’

    5 December 2022Kent – Tunbridge Wells Social event with a Quiz Night

    6 December 2022Shropshire Eddie Roberts, ‘A Winter Wonderland’

    7 December 2022 Cotswold & Malvern Chris Lilley, ‘A visit to Scotland during lockdown’

    7 December 2022Derby Keith Bankier, ‘Flowers of Van and Eastern Turkey’

    8 December 2022Devon Exeter Seed Exchange, Grand Raffle & Christmas Party

    8 December 2022 – Hampshire Via Zoom – Seasonal meeting including quiz and short presentations by members.

    9 December 2022Chiltern Kaye Lillycrop, ‘Australian gardens & Christmas social’

    9 December 2022East-Cheshire Keith Bankier, ‘Exploring Azerbaijan in search of the flowers of the Talysh and Lower Caucasus’

    9 December 2022Wirral & West Cheshire Christmas Members’ Evening

    10 December 2022South Lancashire Cliff Booker, ‘From Zion to Neon: An American road trip’

    10 December 2022 West Yorkshire Group members Members’ photographs

    11 December 2022Chesterfield & District AGM and Christmas get-together

    13 December 2022Cleveland Peter Maguire ‘Photography’

    14 December 2022Mid-Kent AGM

    14 December 2022 –  Oxford & District AGM, followed by Walter Sawyer, ‘Bulbs, Corms and Tubers’

    14 December 2022Somerset Christmas Social (provisional date)

    15 December 2022North Lancashire David Morris, ‘The Mardale project, 5 years on’

    19 December 2022East Lancashire Via Zoom: David Rankin, ‘Meconopsis in the wild and the garden’

    19 December 2022Warwickshire Members Talk with Punch and Mince Pies

    21 December 2022Norfolk AGM & Christmas Social (1pm – 4pm)

  • November 2022

    29 October – 7 November 2022 – AGS Peloponnese Tour

    1 November 2022Shropshire Jon Evans, ‘Keith Wiley and Wildside Nursery’

    2 November 2022 – Derby Members’ evening and Auction

    3 November 2022 Cotswold & Malvern AGM

    3 November 2022Dorset Bob & Rannveig Wallis, ‘Maintenance of a bulb collection’

    3 November 2022South Devon Julian Sutton, ‘Oregon matters a plantsman’s virtual tour’

    6 November 2022Chesterfield & District Andrew Norwell, ‘Growing Plants in Sand Beds’

    7 November 2022Bedfordshire Tim Lever, ‘The Kingdom of Bhutan, in search of the pink poppy-wort’

    7 November 2022Kent – Tunbridge Wells Alex O’Sullivan Subject to be announced

    8 November 2022Cleveland Alan Oatway ‘Washington Wildflowers’

    9 November 2022Oxford & District David Haselgrove, ‘Making the Gardens at Pelham House and Foxhill’

    11 November 2022Chiltern David Dickenson, ‘An Englishman in the Cevennes’

    11 November 2022Wirral & West Cheshire Peter Gateley, ‘Native Montane Flora’

    12 – 13 November 2022AGS Annual General Meeting & Weekend Conference

    12 November 2022South Lancashire Neil Huntley, ‘Alpines for troughs and raised beds’

    12 November 2022 – West Yorkshire Cliff Booker ‘Patagonia – Part One’

    15 November 2022AGS Zoom Lecture Paul Spriggs, ‘Vancouver Island Alpines: Plant hunting in North America’s westernmost mountain ranges

    15 November 2022East Surrey AGM & Members talk

    16 November 2022Mid-Kent Mark Oddy, ‘Chilean alpines’

    17 November 2022Devon Exeter Tom Freeth, ‘The Rock Garden at RGB Kew’

    17 November 2022North Lancashire David Mountfort, ‘Plants and places in the Austrian Tirol’

    21 November 2022East-Cheshire Samantha Hopes, ‘Top 100 plants’

    21 November 2022Warwickshire Selwyn Lane, ‘The Spring Flowers of Eastern Turkey and Nakhchivan’

    23 November 2022Somerset Members Evening

    24 November 2022Essex Jon Evans, ‘Wildflowers moving off the chalk’

    24 November 2022 – Hampshire Dr Timothy Walker, ‘A Rockery in the Garden’

    26 November 2022Norfolk Tim Lever, ‘Jewels in the rain’

    27 November 2022Mid Anglia Tim Lever, ‘Snowdonia,Echoes of Home’

    28 November 2022East Lancashire Via Zoom: Harry Jans, ‘Botanical and cultural treasures from Armenia’

    28 November 2022Leicestershire David Charlton, ‘African extremities’

    28 November – 18 December 2022 – AGS Patagonia Tour

  • October 2022

    3 October 2022Kent – Tunbridge Wells Mark Oddy Harlow Car

    4 October 2022Shropshire Julian Sutton, ‘The Secret Life of Bulbs and Corms’

    5 October 2022 – Cotswold & Malvern Mr. Julian Sutton, ‘A Plantsman’s guide to the American West’

    5 October 2022Derby Cliff Booker, ‘Zion to Neon – flowers and wildlife from Utah to Nevada’

    6 October 2022Dorset Julian Sutton, ‘Making sense of the Iridaceae’

    6 October 2022South Devon Caroline Seymour, ‘Flowers from the Avenue of Volcanoes (Peru and Ecuador)’

    8 October 2022Bedfordshire Annual Show

    8 October 2022South Lancashire Celia Wright, ‘Orchids of the Mediterranean’

    8 October 2022West Yorkshire Michael Myers, ‘Primula marginata – From the Maritime Alps to Yorkshire’

    9 October 2022Chesterfield & District Dave Mountford, ‘AGS Tour of Chile’

    11 October 2022Cleveland Jo Scott ‘A Nature Miscellany’

    12 October 2022Oxford & District Richard Horswood, ‘Limestone Mountains of Italy – Northern Lakes and the Apennines’

    13 October 2022North Lancashire Tony Willis, ‘Flowers of Macedonia’

    14 October 2022Chiltern Paul Spracklin, ‘The Great Outdoors – Gardening with Succulents’

    14 October 2022Wirral & West Cheshire Samantha Hopes, ‘Plants with a story, a year in John Massey’s Garden’

    15 October 2022Mid Anglia Derry Watkins, ‘Summer flowers from seed, wonderful annuals and biennials’

    17 October 2022East-Cheshire Peter Williams, ‘Cold and frost-free greenhouse gardening’

    17 October 2022Warwickshire David Charlton, ‘African extremities. Flowers and wildlife on the Cape Peninsula and Kirstenbosch followed by the Rif Mountains of Morocco and the gardens of Marrakesh’

    18 October 2022AGS Zoom Lecture Dr. John Grimshaw, ‘Alpines of the Afromontane Archipelago’

    18 October 2022East Surrey Charlie Bancroft, ‘Nymans Rock Garden Restoration’

    20 October 2022Devon Exeter Jonathan Webster, ‘Rosemoor and its Plant Delights’

    22 October 2022Norfolk  Ray Drew, ‘Cypripediums’

    24 October 2022East Lancashire Via Zoom: Dave Toole, ‘Alpine Plants of the South Island’

    24 October 2022Leicestershire Sue Miles, ‘Flora and geology of Cyprus’

    26 October 2022Somerset Chris Lovell, ‘Morocco through bulbous eyes’

    27 October 2022Essex Mike Sullivan, ‘Hybridisation of Saxifrages, Lewisias & Correas’

    27 October 2022 – Hampshire Christopher Bailes, The Dry Garden: adapting to a changing climate

    29 October – 7 November 2022 – AGS Peloponnese Tour

  • September 2022

    1 to 15 September 2022 – AGS South Africa Tour

    1 September 2022Dorset Tim Lever, ‘Within sight of Snowdonia . At home with Alpines’

    3 September 2022Mid Anglia Annual Plant and Bulb Sale – held at Fullers Mill,West Stow, Bury St Edmunds, IP28 6HD, 2pm – 4pm (garden open until 5pm)

    3 September 2022Cleveland Ray Drew, ‘Cypripediums’

    5 September 2022Bedfordshire Tony Goode, ‘Hillary’s view (Vaud Alps)’

    5 September 2022  – Kent – Tunbridge Wells  AGM followed by a video of a member’s garden in spring/early summer

    6 September 2022Shropshire Tony Goode, ‘Crocus,Colchicum and cyclamen’

    7 September 2022Cotswold & Malvern Paul Ranson, ‘The Genus Dionysia’

    7 September 2022Derby Gill Fearn, ‘Plant hunting in South Africa and Namibia’

    9 September 2022Chiltern Keith Bankier, ‘Van and Eastern Turkey – The Volcanoes’

    9 September 2022Wirral & West Cheshire Paul Cook, ‘RHS Harlow Carr’

    10 September 2022West Yorkshire John Mitchell, ‘Travels around the world’

    10 September 2022South Lancashire Diane Clement, ‘Alpines in the wild and in cultivation’

    10 September 2022West Yorkshire John Mitchell, ‘Travels around the world’

    12 September 2022East Lancashire Kylie Hodges, ‘Plants of Tasmania’

    13 September 2022Epping-Forest AGM

    14 September 2022Oxford & District Graham Poynter, ‘On the trail of Farrer from Dales to Dolomites’

    15 September 2022Devon Exeter The Roger Stuckey Memorial Lecture Christopher Bailes, ‘Andean Adventures’

    15 September 2022North Lancashire Alan Oatway, ‘A-Z of Switzerland’

    17th September 2022AGS Conservation Day Lectures, 3pm -6pm BST

    19 September 2022Warwickshire Diane Clement, ‘Japan – The narrow road to the distant north’

    20 September 2022East-Cheshire Julian Sutton, ‘The secret life of bulbs and corms’

    20 September 2022East Surrey Diane Clement, ‘Japan – The narrow road to the distant north’

    20 September 2022AGS Zoom Lecture, Dr. Martin Sheader, ‘Cultivation of a selection of Patagonian alpines’

    22 September 2022 – Hampshire Razvan Chisu, Autumn bulbs in the Peloponnese and the last of the summer flowers

    24 September 2022Norfolk Christopher Grey-Wilson, ‘The three mountains’

    25 September 2022 AGS Bulb Day at Spetchley Park Gardens, WR5 1RS

    26 September 2022East Lancashire Via Zoom: Linda Cochran, ‘Discovering and cultivating showy native plants in the Pacific North-West’

    26 September 2022Leicestershire Robert Barlow, ‘Hostas’

    28 September 2022Somerset Kurt Vickery, ‘A bulb hunter’s favourite weeds’

    29 September 2022Essex John Amand, ‘Bulbs and how they get to your garden’

  • August 2022

    1 August 2022Bedfordshire In-person meeting: Tim Ingram, ‘Alpines and perennials for dry gardens’

    13 August 2022Norfolk Garden Visit

    16 August 2022East Surrey In-person meeting: Dr. Keith Ferguson, ‘Trilliums and Woodland Plants of North America’

    25 August 2022Essex In person meeting: Diane Clement, ‘A Seedy Business’

  • July 2022

    2 July 2022Norfolk In person meeting: Liz Livermore, ‘Chile, a Botanical Adventure’

    4 July 2022Bedfordshire In-person meeting: outdoor event

    6 July 2022Cotswold & Malvern In-person meeting: Cheese & Wine Evening at a venue TBA – contact secretary for further details.

    19 July 2022East Surrey In-person meeting: Diane Clement,‘The Narrow Road to the Deep North – Travels in Japan’

    20 July 2022Mid-Kent In-person meeting: Dr. Adrian Cooper, ‘Growing alpines and climate change’

    21 July 2022Devon Exeter In-person meeting: garden party

    27 July 2022Somerset In person meeting: Summer Social Springdale, Smeatharpe (provisional date)

    28 July 2022Essex In person meeting: Tom Freeth, ‘Alpines at Kew’

  • June 2022

    1 June 2022Cotswold & Malvern In-person meeting: Mini Show & Social evening

    6 June 2022Bedfordshire In-person meeting: Andrew Mayo, ‘Discovering downunder – from alpines of Victoria to the spectacular south-west’

    14 June 2022Epping-Forest In-person meeting: Matt Purkis, ‘Wildlife gardening’

    15 June 2022Mid-Kent Garden visit

    16 June 2022Devon Exeter In-person meeting: Trevor Wiltshire, ‘The Rock Garden at Wisley’

    21 June 2022East Surrey In-person meeting: Alex O’Sullivan, ‘An AGS Intern’s Adventures in Growing and Showing Alpines’

    30 June 2022Essex In person meeting: Dr Richard Rolf, ‘Argentina’

  • May 2022

    4 May 2022Cotswold & Malvern In-person meeting: Neil Huntley, ‘Primulas’

    5 May 2022Dorset In-person meeting: Julia Corden, ‘Favourite Alpines from Around the World’

    9 May 2022Bedfordshire In-person meeting: Diane Clement, ‘The narrow road to the deep north: travels in Japan’

    10 May 2022Epping-Forest In-person meeting: John Fielding, ‘Why can we grow so many Mediterranean plants in the UK?’

    13 May 2022Chiltern in-person meeting: Richard Green, ‘China beyond the crowds’

    13 May 2022Wirral & West Cheshire: AGM including a walk at Ness.

    14 May 2022South Lancashire In-person meeting: Mini Show

    14 May 2022West Yorkshire In-person meeting: AGS & Group spring show

    17 May 2022East Surrey In-person meeting: Bob Charman, ‘Kyrgyzstan and the Roof of the World’

    18 May 2022Mid-Kent In-person meeting: Ray Drew, ‘Cypripedium at Ditton’

    18 May 2022Somerset Garden visits to East Lambrook Manor and Avon Bulbs

    20 May 2022East-Cheshire In-person meeting: Group Show & AGM followed by member’s talk

    20 May 2022Devon Exeter In-person meeting: Dick Fulcher & Richard Horswood ’I do it My Way’ (Propagation and Troughs)’

    21 May 2022Mid Anglia – Garden visit

    25 May 2022Somerset In person meeting: Celia Wright, ‘From High Mountains to Long Mountain’

    26 May 2022Essex In person meeting: Doug Joyce, ‘Bardfield Oxlips’

    26 May 2022 – Hampshire In-person meeting: Colin Everett, ‘Growing Fritillaria What I Do and Why’. Photographic Competition Results. The Margaret Hedges Trophy for the photographic competition winner.

    28 May 2022Norfolk In person meeting: Kit Strange, ‘Alpines of the Western Pacific Coast of the USA’

  • April 2022

    2 April 2022Mid Anglia – Garden visit

    4 April 2022Bedfordshire In-person meeting: Joe Sharman, ‘The flowers of Mount Olympus’

    6 April 2022Cotswold & Malvern In-person meeting: Robert Bryan, ‘Spring flowers of Engadin, Switzerland’

    7 April 2022Dorset In-person meeting: Diane Clement, ‘A Seedy Business’

    8 April 2022 – Chiltern In-person meeting: Kerrie Porteous, ‘Switzerland and Slovenia, alpines and scenery’

    8 April 2022Wirral & West Cheshire: Local show (tbc)

    9 April 2022South Lancashire In-person meeting: Home and away – garden and holiday members photos

    9 April 2022 –  West Yorkshire In-person meeting: Peter Williams, ‘The Backhouses and their plants’

    11 April 2022East Lancashire Online plant talk: Todd Boland, ‘The Beartooth scenic highway: dizzying height and alpine delights’

    12 April 2022Epping-Forest In-person meeting: Diane Clement, ‘Hepaticas and Cyclamen, jewels of the garden’

    13 April 2022Oxford in-person meeting: Tom King, ‘The Crocus and Galanthus collections at RHS Garden Wisley’

    18 April 2022Warwickshire In-person meeting: Mini Show and AGM

    18 April 2022Cotswold & Malvern In-person meeting: Spring Show & Plant Sale

    19 April 2022East Surrey In-person meeting: Razvan Chisu, ‘Plants and castles of Transylvania’

    21 April 2022Devon Exeter In-person meeting: Group show

    21 April 2022Lancashire, North  In-person meeting: Diane Clement, ‘Hepaticas and Cyclamen, jewels of the garden’

    23 April 2022Norfolk Jon Evans, ‘Wildside Garden in Devon’

    25 April 2022East-Cheshire In-person meeting: Christopher Grey-Wilson, ‘Adonis and Codonopsis’

    27 April 2022Somerset In person meeting: Diane Clement, ‘Cyclamen and hepaticas – Jewels of the Garden’

    28 April 2022Essex In person meeting: Arthur Nicholls, ‘Spring in Iran’

    28 April 2022 – Online plant talk: John Dower, ‘Miniature gardens’ This talk will be recorded.

    28 April 2022Hampshire In-person meeting: AGM & Tim Ingram, ‘Gardens of the Czech Republic’

  • March 2022

    2 March 2022Cotswold & Malvern In-person meeting: Martyn Denney, ‘A Botanical Tour Through Japan’

    3 March 2022Dorset In-person meeting: AGM, John Lockwood and John Sample will speak after the AGM

    7 March 2022Bedfordshire In-person meeting: Tommy Tonsberg: ‘Gardens and garden plants of Norway’

    8 March 2022Epping-Forest In-person meeting: John Fielding, ‘Mediterranean flora & its suitability in the UK’

    9 March 2022Oxford in-person meeting: Razvan Chisu, ‘Romanian mountain plants’

    11 March 2022Chiltern In-person meeting: Dr Adrian Cooper, ‘Growing alpine plants in UK gardens and alpine houses’

    11 March 2022 –  Wirral & West Cheshire: Online plant talk: Cliff Booker, ‘Patagonia’

    12 March 2022South Lancashire In-person meeting: Growing alpines (tbc)

    12 March 2022West Yorkshire In-person meeting: John Grimshaw, ‘A journey in search of ungrowable plants’

    12 March 2022Mid Anglia In-person meeting: Richard Hobbs, ‘Little Blue Bulbs’

    15 March 2022East Surrey Online plant talk: Margaret Easter, ‘Thyme in the wild’

    17 March 2022Devon Exeter In-person meeting: David Carver, ‘Cultivating Daphnes’

    19 March 2022Dorset In-person meeting: Local show at Allendale, Wimborne

    21 March 2022Warwickshire In-person meeting: Jo and Brian Walker, ‘USA California’

    22 March 2022East Lancashire Online plant talk: Dr. David Millward, ‘Gardening a legacy’ (Please note this takes place on a Tuesday and not the usual Monday)

    23 March 2022Somerset In person meeting: AGM & Brenda and Peter Wilson, ‘Iceland’

    24 March 2022 – Online plant talk: Dr. Christopher Grey-Wilson, ‘Pasque-flowers, the genus Pulsatilla’ This talk will be recorded.

    24 March 2022Hampshire In-person meeting: David Dickenson, ‘Isolated in Time – How the Cévennes uniquely survived the Ice Age’. Plant Competition: The David Benton Rose Bowl is awarded to the winner of the Plant Competition

    26 March 2022Norfolk Group Show – judged by Gail Harland

  • February 2022

    2 February 2022Cotswold & Malvern In-person meeting: Duncan Coombs, ‘Into the high mountains of China’

    3 February 2022Dorset In-person meeting: Bob Gibbons

    5 February 2022 – AGS Zoom Snowdrop day, book tickets for this online event here.

    7 February 2022East Cheshire Online plant talk: Paul Cumbleton, ‘Growing and propagating South African bulbs’

    8 February 2022 – Epping-Forest In-person meeting: Jon Evans, ‘Off the chalk: plant hunting part 2’

    9 February 2022Oxford in-person meeting: Adrian Young, ‘Alpines and Dwarf Conifers’

    9 February 2022East Kent Online plant talk: Ian Young, ‘Bulb Log’

    11 February 2022Chiltern Online plant talk: Harry Jans (via Zoom), ‘AGS plant hunting tour to Peru’

    11 February 2022Wirral & West Cheshire In-person meeting: Tim Baxter, ‘Alpine trees’

    12 February 2022South Lancashire In-person meeting: Frank Hoyle, ‘Cultivating and killing cushions’

    12 February 2022West Yorkshire In-person meeting: Keith Bankier, ‘Van and Eastern Turkey’

    15 February 2022East Surrey Online plant talk: Adrian Davies, ‘Plant photography – telling a story’

    15 February 2022 – Arthur Nicholls, ‘Spring in Kyrgyzstan’ – Open and free to all AGS members in the Bedfordshire Region, Essex and Mid-Anglia catchment areas. To book a place, please email with your postcode

    16 February 2022Norfolk Online plant talk: Richard Green, ‘China beyond the crowds’

    17 February 2022Devon Exeter In-person meeting: Kurt Vickery, ‘Botanizing in the year of Lockdown – Treasures right under our noses’

    21 February 2022East Lancashire Online plant talk: Liz Knowles, ‘Echoes of wild places’

    21 February 2022Warwickshire In-person meeting: Diane Clement, ‘Woodland Plants in the Wild and in Cultivation’

    23 February 2022Somerset In person meeting: Hilary Little, ‘Along the Patagonian Highway’

    24 February 2022 – Online plant talk: Wim Boens, Leucojum the lesser-known sister of Galanthus‘  This talk will be recorded.

    24 February 2022Hampshire Online plant talk: Jim Jermyn, ‘European alpines in nature – a new look’

    28 February 2022East Cheshire In-person meeting: James Miller: ‘Geophytes and Flora of Israel and Palestine’

  • January 2022

    5 January 2022East Cheshire Online plant talk: Martin Sheader: ‘South American cushion plants’

    8 January 2022South Lancashire In-person meeting: Neil Huntley, ‘Alpines for troughs and raised beds’

    8 January 2022West Yorkshire In-person meeting: Razvan Chisu, ‘Memories of Greece’

    10 January 2022East Lancashire Online plant talk: Paul Spriggs: ‘Cracks and Crevices, the art of the crevice garden’.

    11 January 2022Epping-Forest In-person meeting: Ray Drew, ‘Cypripediums’

    11 January 2022 – Cliff Booker, ‘Cream of alpines’, – Open and free to all AGS members in the Bedfordshire Region, Essex and Mid-Anglia catchment areas. To book a place, please email with your postcode

    12 January 2022Oxford in-person meeting: Members’ evening

    12 January 2022East Kent Online plant talk: Harry Jans, ‘High Alpines on the Equator’

    14 January 2022 –  Chiltern Online plant talk: Timothy Walker (via Zoom) (tbc)

    14 January 2022Wirral & West Cheshire Online plant talk: Peter Williams, ‘The Backhouse dynasty’

    17 January 2022East Cheshire In-person & Zoom meeting: Razvan Chisu, ‘Spanish daffodils are many other gems’

    18 January 2022East Surrey Online plant talk: Trevor Wiltshire, ‘Galanthus’

    19 January 2022Norfolk Online plant talk: Alan Oatway, ‘Tibet, Everest and Alpine’

    20 January 2022Somerset & Devon Exeter joint Online plant talk: Richard Bains, ‘The Pontic Alps’

    26 January 2022Somerset Online plant talk: Jim Jermyn, ‘Growing Alpine Plants in true character’

    27 January 2022 – Online plant talk: Dr. Adrian Cooper, ‘Climate Change and growing alpines’ This talk will be recorded.

    27 January 2022Hampshire Online plant talk: Chris Gardner, ‘Flora of the Silk Road’

  • December 2021

    2 December 2021Dorset In-person meeting: Richard Horswood, ‘Norway via Gothenburg Botanic Garden’

    6 December 2021Bedfordshire In-person meeting: Kurt Vickery, ‘Tulips hunter’s favourite weeds: highlights of 10 years of tour leading’

    7 December 2021Shropshire In-person meeting: zoom talk streamed to Hall, David Morris, ‘Alpines of Kazach Tien Shan

    8 December 2021Oxford in-person meeting: AGM and talk by Charles Shi on his experience at Kew

    8 December 2021East Kent Online plant talk: Răzvan Chişu, ‘Romanian alpines’

    8 December 2021 – Tony Goode, ‘The Four Seasons’ – Open and free to all AGS members in the Bedfordshire Region, Essex and Mid-Anglia catchment areas. To book a place, please email with your postcode

    9 December 2021Hampshire In-person meeting, quiz and members’ presentations

    10 December 2021Chiltern In-person meeting: Paul Barney, ‘Ethiopian mountain plants’

    10 December 2021Wirral & West Cheshire Christmas Members’ Meeting via Zoom

    11 December 2021South Lancashire In-person meeting: David Charlton, ‘Flowers of the Dolomites and how to grow them’

    11 December 2021West Yorkshire In-person meeting: members’ photographs

    13 December 2021East Lancashire, Online plants talk: Jim Jermyn, ‘European alpines in nature – a new look’

    24 December 2021 – AGS Photographic Competition entry deadline

  • November 2021

    1 November 2021Bedfordshire In-person meeting: Liz Livermore, ‘Chile – A botanical adventure’

    2 November 2021Shropshire In-person meeting: Tim Lever, ‘Within Sight of Snowdonia: At home with Alpines

    4 November 2021Dorset In-person meeting: Lady Christine Skelmersdale, ‘Winter is not just Snowdrops!’

    8 November 2021East Lancashire Online plant talk: Anne Spiegel, ‘Gardening on rocks – a tale of two gardens’

    9 November 2021Epping-Forest In-person meeting: Liz Livermore, ‘Chile: a botanical adventure’

    10 November 2021Oxford in-person meeting: Tom Freeth, ‘The Alpine Houses of Kew’

    10 November 2021East Kent In-person meeting: Colin Moat, ‘Fifty Greys of Shade’

    12 November 2021Chiltern In-person meeting: Andrew Cleave, ‘Orchids of Italy and Alpines in Bulgaria’

    12 November 2021Wirral & West Cheshire In-person meeting: Propagation (speaker tbc)

    13 November 2021Annual General Meeting

    13 November 2021South Lancashire In-person meeting: John Dower, ‘Travels in the Peloponnese’

    13 November 2021West Yorkshire In-person meeting: Cliff Booker, ‘The cream of alpines’

    15 November 2021East Cheshire In-person meeting: Anthony Goode, ‘A crocus for all seasons’

    18 November 2021 – Online plant talk: Jim Almond, ‘Bulbs for year-round colour’

    18 November 2021Devon-Exeter In-person meeting: Bob & Rannveig Wallis, ‘Kyrgyzstan: the land of the nomads

    25 November 2021Hampshire In-person meeting: Tim Lever, ‘Jewels in the Rain’: Walking the mountains of Arunachal Pradesh’

    27 November 2021Seed Distribution open

  • October 2021

    4 October 2021East Lancashire Online plant talk: Richard Green, ‘China – Beyond the crowds’

    5 October 2021Shropshire In-person meeting: Alan Oatway, ‘Gardening in South Lakeland’

    7 October 2021Dorset In-person meeting: Tim Ingram, ‘Alpines and Perennials for dry gardens’

    8 October 2021Chiltern In-person meeting: Rupert Wheeler, ‘Red centre of Australia’

    9 October 2021 – AGS Show at Harlow Carr

    9 October 2021South Lancashire In-person meeting: Keith Bankier, ‘Flowers of Turkey’

    10 October 2021Wirral & West Cheshire In-person meeting: Samantha Hope, ‘Cape of New Experiences’

    11 October 2021 – Seed Exchange donations deadline

    11 October 2021East Cheshire in-person meeting: Colin Hickman, ‘Agapanthus and Nerines’

    13 October 2021Oxford in-person meeting: Jim Jermyn, ‘The Dolomites – A Gardener’s Paradise’

    13 October 2021East Kent in-person meeting: Paul Spracklin, ‘Gardening with succulents – how to use cacti and succulents as landscape subjects’

    14 October 2021 – Online plant talk: Ian Young, ‘Troughs’

    16 October 2021West Yorkshire in-person meeting: AGM & members’ talk

    21 October 2021Devon-Exeter in-person meeting: Jon Evans, ‘Blackthorn Nursery January to May’

    23 October 2021 – AGS Show at Hyde Hall

    28 October 2021Hampshire group Online plant talk: Jim Almond, ‘Alpines for everyone’

  • September 2021

    8 September 2021 – Oxford in-person meeting: Kurt Vickery, ‘A Tulip Hunters Favourite Weeds’

    16 September 2021 – Online plant talk: Chris Gardner, ‘Flora of the silk road’

    20 September 2021Each Cheshire in-person meeting, Tim Lever, ‘Within sight of Snowdonia: at home with alpines’

    20 – 26 September 2021 – Chelsea Flower Show