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New to alpines? Want to know what alpines are and how to grow them? Explore our resources below to learn more!

Botanically speaking, alpines are plants that come from areas above the tree line, either on mountains across the world or in lowlands in Arctic and Antarctic zones.

From a gardener’s perspective, in the broadest sense of the word, alpines are plants that are suitable to be grown on rock gardens. These include small hardy herbaceous perennials, hardy and half-hardy bulbs, hardy ferns, hardy succulents and small shrubs.

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The AGS runs over 20 Shows and Plant Fairs each year, up and down the country. These events are an amazing opportunity to meet AGS members, who are happy to share their knowledge and experience in growing alpine plants from all over the world.

AGS Early Spring Show View

AGS Early Spring Show View

Alpine nursery plant sales stall

Specialist alpine nursery

If you are looking to acquire alpine plants you can do so from specialist nurseries or by growing alpines from seed. The AGS runs one of the largest Seed Exchanges in the world exclusively for our members.

The AGS Garden at Pershore

Welcome to the AGS Garden at Pershore

The AGS centre in Pershore has an impressive alpine garden on site. Visitors can see alpines and other hardy plants in a variety of settings. Here you can find inspiration and learn how to grow alpines in troughs, tufa, rock and sand beds, a European meadow, ericaceous and woodland areas, alpine house, etc. The garden is open all year round and entry is free to the public.

Even if your garden is really small, perhaps just a balcony, you can still grow many alpines in miniature gardens.

AGS member, John Dower has been a keen advocate for miniature gardens at AGS Shows for many years. Watch his talk on the subject below. Learn here how to build your own miniature mountain landscape and the plants you can use.

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