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Seed Exchange

The Seed Exchange is now closed and we cannot  accept any more orders.  

Our excellent team of volunteers are working hard to pick, check and post orders which will be completed as soon as we can. 

Seed Ordering

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Seed Ordering

The Alpine Garden Society Seed Exchange is one of the biggest seed exchanges in the world.  Every year members collect and donate seed and then are able to select seed from a wide range which is offered at the end of the year.

The Seed Exchange relies on the help of many volunteers to donate, sort, pack and pick seed orders. The seed exchange is organised into three sections, each with a separate manager who organises the volunteers in that section.

If you think you can help in any way, please get in touch with Diane Clement

or click on one of the links below for more information.

1. Seed Donation

Alpine Garden Society members collect and donate seed from their own gardens and from the wild. Members donate in varying quantities from a few packets up to over a hundred packets.

Although alpine seed is our main focus, our members donate seed of herbaceous plants, bulbous plants, grasses, trees and shrubs, also fern spores, and also small bulbs, corms and tubers.  This makes our seed list particularly diverse and appealing to a wide range of growers.

Seed Donation

For more information about Seed Donation or to download a Donor Form, click below

Seed Donation

2. Seed Checking & Packing

Our Seed Reception Team check the seed donations for quality and accuracy. This ensures botanical names are up to date and as far as we can, the seed is true to name.

The seeds are then sorted and packed by volunteer packers into glassine envelopes.

Seed Packing

For more information about Seed Packing and how you can help, please click below

Seed Packing

3. Seed Distribution

The seed list will go live on our website on 13th November 2023.  Members who can’t use a computer can request a printed seed list.

Members can browse the list and place a seed order, ideally through our online system. Because some seed is in short supply and in great demand, we ask members to make 1st and 2nd choices so we can make up their order if we run out of certain seed.

Seed Donors are thanked by being given priority ordering and extra packets of seed in their order.

We charge a minimal amount for placing seed orders. This is only possible due to the support of the large number of dedicated volunteers who make it possible to run a seed exchange.

We are proud of our seed exchange and grateful to the many volunteers who get involved every year.

Seed Distribution

We need lots of volunteers to help pick orders at Pershore in November, December and January. For more information, click the link below:

Seed Distribution

Seed Exchange for Overseas Members

There are increasing regulations for the import and export of seed to and from all countries worldwide. If you are an overseas member who wishes to take part in any aspect of the seed exchange, please follow the link below:

Seed Exchange for Overseas Members

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