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Photographic Competition

Combine your passion for plants and photography in our annual Photographic Competition.

Class 7 winner: Huanglong Temple (Sichuan, China) by Harry Jans, AL Loenen, Netherlands.

Class 7 winner 2017: Huanglong Temple (Sichuan, China) by Harry Jans, AL Loenen, Netherlands.

What is the Photographic Competition?

The competition is held each year and is open to AGS members. It is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your creativity in capturing photographs of alpine and rock plants, either in the wild or cultivation.

How do I enter?

Entry is by post or email.

Please email entries to

Or you can post them to Alpine Garden Society, AGS Centre, Avon Bank, Pershore, Worcestershire, WR10 3JP, UK.

There are eight classes of entry:

1. An alpine plant in its natural habitat with both plant(s) and landscape featured.

2. A portrait of an alpine plant in its natural habitat, featuring the entire plant as the main subject.

3. A close-up or detail of an alpine plant in its natural habitat or in cultivation. (You could perhaps concentrate on a flower, foliage or seed head.)

4. An alpine plant in cultivation in a garden setting. (This can be your own garden or one you have visited.)

5. An alpine garden or part of a garden showing features used to grow alpine plants: troughs, raised beds, crevice gardens, pots, screes, alpine houses etc.

6. Alpine fauna in the wild, either in the landscape or in association with plants. (Insects, birds and mammals have been popular subjects in past years.)

7. An alpine landscape not necessarily showing specific plants but concentrating on the scenic beauty and/or geology of the setting. (You could be inspired by unusual natural beauty, from the small and intimate to the grand panorama.)

8. A quirky, amusing or unusual image featuring alpine plants. Digital manipulation is allowed in this class. In fact anything goes – let your imagination run riot!

What can I win?

There is a first, second and third place awarded in each class. The winners each receive a cash prize:

£40 for first place

£20 for second place

£10 for third place

The overall competition winner will receive a £40 bonus so it’s definitely worth entering!


Find more information on the rules of entry here.

The deadline for 2018 entries is 1 December.

2017 Winners

(Click on individual photographs to see larger images)

Competition Rules

Full details on rules, judging and prizes.

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