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See below details of events and important dates in the AGS calendar. For full details of timings, venues and contacts, click on the links in each event.
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  • December 2023

    4 December 2023Kent – Tunbridge Wells TBA

    4 December 2023Shropshire Ian Young, ‘Waves of colour’

    5 December 2023AGS FREE Zoom lecture John Mitchel, ‘Two seasons in Tibet’

    6 December 2023Cotswold & Malvern Bob and Rannveig Wallis ‘Maintenance of a Bulb Collection’

    6 December 2023Derby Razvan Chisu, ‘Spanish daffodils and many other gems’

    7 December 2023Dorset Christmas party and members evening

    7 December 2023South Devon Graham Salmon, ‘Greece – North and South’

    7 December 2023South Wales AGM & Short talks

    8 December 2023Chiltern Members talk and Christmas social

    8 December 2023Wirral & West Cheshire Christmas Members’ Evening

    9 December 2023Lancashire South Kevin Pratt, ‘Unusual hardy plants’

    10 December 2023 – Chesterfield & District Group AGM (2.30pm Start)

    11 December 2023East Cheshire Anthony Goode, ‘Alpines for the time-challenged’

    12 December 2023Cleveland Members evening

    12 December 2023Somerset Christmas social

    12 December 2023AGS Zoom lecture Michael Mauser, ‘Working with alpines in the botanical garden of Tübingen – more than cultivation

    13 December 2023East Lancashire Quiz night, (AGM), Social event and ‘Jacob’s-join’ refreshments

    13 December 2023Kent – Mid AGM

    13 December 2023Oxford & District AGM & Walter Sawyer, ‘Bulbs, corms and tubers’

    14 December 2023Devon – Exeter Seed Exchange, Grand Raffle & Christmas party

    14 December 2023Hampshire Quiz and short presentations over Zoom

    15 December 2023Bristol Christmas social

    18 December 2023East Lancashire (Zoom lecture) David Charlton, The United States and Canada, from Alaska to Oregon

    18 December 2023Warwickshire Members’ talk with punch and mince pies

    19 December 2023AGS FREE Zoom Lecture Dino Zelenika, ‘Wild orchids of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina’

    19 December 2023Bedfordshire and Mid-Anglia Zoom: Wim Boens, ‘Epimediums – the small and the beautiful’

    21 December 2023North Lancashire AGM & Bob Wallis, ‘Mountain Fritillaria’ (Zoom)

  • January 2024

    3 January 2024Cotswold & Malvern TBA

    3 January 2024 – Derby AGM. Short talk – One day in the Cascade Mountains. Bring and Share supper.

    6 January 2024Dorset Bob Gibbons, ‘Flowers of the high Pyrenees’

    9 January 2024Cleveland Keith Bankier, ‘Flora of Turkey’

    10 January 2024Oxford & District Members evening

    10 January 2024Norfolk Jim Almond, ‘Sowing Growing & Showing’ (Zoom meeting)

    11 January 2024South Devon Micky Little, ‘Snowdrops – fair maids of February’

    12 January 2024Chiltern Razvan Chisu (via Zoom), ‘Wild daffodils and other Spanish gems’

    12 January 2024Wirral & West Cheshire Adrian Cooper (Zoom), ‘Climate change and alpines’

    13 January 2024Lancashire South Bob Worsley, ‘What’s in a name?’

    13 January 2024West Yorkshire Paul Cumbleton, ‘Potting composts and other conundrums’ (Zoom in hall)

    14 January 2024South Wales Julia Corden, ‘Following in the footsteps of George Sherriff’

    15 January 2024Warwickshire Zoom lecture TBA

    16 January 2024AGS Zoom lecture, Jiří Papousek, ‘Tufa walls’

    18 January 2024North Lancashire Tom Attwood, ‘Alpines in the garden’

    22 January 2024East Lancashire Cliff Booker ‘Probably the finest rock gardeners in the world  – The Prague International Conference and Garden Tour May 2023’ FREE ENTRY TO ALL

    23 January 2024Bedfordshire & Mid Anglia Ian Young (Zoom Lecture), ‘The Bulb Log’

    25 January 2024Hampshire Michael Myers (Zoom), ‘Dwarf bulbs throughout the year’

    27 January 2024Plant Exploration Zoom Conference 3.00 – 6.00 pm GMT

  • February 2024

    3 February 2024AGS Snowdrop Day

    3 February 2024Dorset Christine Skelmersdale, ‘Winter is not just Snowdrops’

    6 February 2024Shropshire AGM & Iain Wright, ‘A trip to the Western Cape of South Africa’

    7 February 2024Cotswold & Malvern Duncan Coombs ‘The Flowering of the desert” Attacama – Part 1’

    7 February 2024 – Derby James Miller ‘Creating a new National Collection – Astilbes and Bog Plants’

    8 February 2024North Wales David Charlton, ‘Flowers of the Pyrenees’

    9 February 2024Chiltern Connor Smith (via Zoom), ‘Utrecht Botanic Garden’

    9 February 2024Wirral & West Cheshire David Charlton, ‘Flowers of the Dolomites’

    10 February 2024Lancashire South David Rankin, ‘Kevock Garden Nursery’

    10 February 2024West Yorkshire Tony Goode, ‘Bulbs for all seasons’ (Zoom in hall)

    13 February 2024Cleveland Dianne Nicol-Brown, ‘Plant hunting in Colorado’

    13 February 2024AGS Zoom lecture Laura Caddy, ‘Rock gardening in Vancouver’

    14 February 2024Oxford & District Christopher Snelson, ‘Western Crete in spring: alpines, orchids, parasites and annual ferns’

    14 February 2024Norfolk Richard Horswood, ‘Alpines in troughs’ (Zoom meeting)

    15 February 2024North Lancashire Rosie Turner, ‘Orchids and other plants in the Vercors Massif, France’

    19 February 2024Warwickshire Diane Clement, ‘The dark months’

    20 February 2024South Wales Bob & Rannveig Wallis, ‘Fifty shades of gray’

    22 February 2024Hampshire Ian Young (Zoom lecture), ‘Nature Gardeners Tutor’

    22 February 2024Bedfordshire & Mid Anglia Chris Gardner (Zoom lecture), ‘Flora of South Africa’

    26 February 2024East Lancashire Diane Clement ‘The narrow road to the deep north – travels in Japan’


  • March 2024

    5 March 2024Shropshire David Charlton, ‘Flowers of the Dolomites’

    6 March 2024Cotswold & Malvern TBA

    6 March 2024 – Derby Jon Evans ‘Plants from AGS Shows’

    7 March 2024South Devon Saul Walker, ‘My life in horticulture (Kew, Chelsea, Stonelands)’

    8 March 2024Chiltern Diane Clement, ‘The Narrow Road to the Deep North – Travels in Japan’

    8 March 2024Wirral & West Cheshire Michael Myers, ‘Favourite plant associations and hardy orchids in the garden and the wild’

    9 March 2024Dorset AGM

    9 March 2024Lancashire South Nick Hobbs, ‘Water efficient gardening’

    9 March 2024West Yorkshire Tim Ingram, ‘Gardening on the rocks’ (Zoom in hall)

    12 March 2024Cleveland Neil Huntley, ‘Containers and raised beds’

    13 March 2024East Kent Edward Flint, ‘Meadows’

    13 March 2024Oxford & District David Charlton, ‘Two days in southern Patagonia’

    14 March 2024 North Lancashire Richard Green, ‘Travelling in the Sikkim mountains’

    15 March 2024Bristol Peter Hilton, ‘The Engadine’

    17 March 2024AGS Hepatica Day at Silverdale, North Lancashire

    17 March 2024South Wales Eddie Roberts, ‘Winter wonderland: snowdrops and full supporting cast’

    18 March 2024Warwickshire Vic Aspland TBA

    19 March 2024AGS Zoom lecture Jenny Wainwright-Klein, ‘Growing Alpines in the Schachen Alpine Garden: a satellite garden of the Munich Botanic Garden in the Bavarian Alps

    23 March 2024Bedfordshire Alpine Show and Plant Sale

    23 March 2024Cleveland Show

    25 March 2024East Lancashire Razvan Chisu, TBA

    28 March 2024Hampshire Christopher Bailes, ‘Growing hardy orchids in the garden – from obscurity to ubiquity…?’


  • April 2024

    2 April 2024Shropshire Nigel Hopes, ‘Ashwood specialities’

    3 April 2024Cotswold & Malvern David Charlton, ‘Mats, Carpets and Cushions in New Zealand and Svalbard’

    3 April 2024 – Derby Andrew Ward ‘Success with Sand – How to grow tricky plants easily’

    4 April 2024Dorset John Mitchell, ‘New Zealand’s South Island’

    4 April 2024South Devon Members show and plant display

    6 April 2024Dorset AGS SHOW St. Nicholas Church , Corfe Mullen BH21 3LE

    6-7 April 2024Lancashire South Mini Show- Marble Place Southport

    9 April 2024Cleveland AGM

    10 April 2024Oxford & District Julian Sutton, ‘Oregon matters’

    12 April 2024Chiltern Gareth Manning, ‘A tour of West Green House gardens’

    12 April 2024Wirral & West Cheshire AGM & garden visit

    13 April 2024West Yorkshire John Dower, ‘Troughs and mini-gardens’

    15 April 2024Warwickshire Mini Show and AGM

    16 April 2024AGS ZOOM lecture Ger van den Beuken, ‘Propagation and cultivation techniques of tricky alpines

    18 April 2024North Lancashire Alan Oatway, ‘Exploring in Oregon’

    19 April 2024Bristol Alan Goldsmith, ‘Alpines in Tropical Mountains’

    22 April 2024East Cheshire Neil Huntley, ‘Alpines for troughs and raised beds’

    22 April 2024East Lancashire Local Members Show and other attractions.

    25 April 2024Hampshire AGM & Martin Sheader, ‘With the AGS in Patagonia, 2022’

    27 April 2024Bedfordshire Julia Corden, ‘Wengen’

  • May 2024

    1 May 2024Cotswold & Malvern Hilary Little, ‘The hunt for the red Nototriche’

    1 May 2024 – Derby Annual Show and Plant Sale.

    2 May 2024Dorset Graham Poynter, ‘Plants and peaks of SE Switzerland’

    2 May 2024South Devon Garden visit & AGM and afternoon tea (Haldon Grange EX6 7YE)

    7 May 2024Shropshire Bob Worsley, ‘What’s in a name’

    10 May 2024Chiltern Anthony Goode, ‘Switzerland: Vaud & Valais through the seasons’

    11 May 2024West Yorkshire AGM, spring show and mini talk

    12 May 2024Wirral & West Cheshire Local Show

    17 May 2024Bristol TBA

    23 May 2024Hampshire Jon Evans, ‘Plant photography at AGS Shows’

  • June 2024

    5 June 2024Cotswold & Malvern Members mini show

    29 June 2024Bedfordshire Andrew Mayo, ‘Kurdish Mountains – Azerbaijan and eastern Turkey’

  • July 2024

    3 July 2024Cotswold & Malvern Members Cheese & Wine – Venue TBA

    7 July 2024Wirral & West Cheshire Plant Fair

    27 July 2024Bedfordshire James Miller, ‘Gothenburg botanical inspiration’

  • August 2024

    31 August 2024Bedfordshire David Charlton, ‘African Extremities’

  • September 2024

    4 September 2024 – Derby Simon Gulliver ‘Plant Evolution – how plants evolved’

    14 September 2024West Yorkshire Frazer Henderson, ‘Kyrgystan: in search of wild tulips’

  • October 2024

    2 October 2024 – Derby Cliff Booker ‘Ranunculus for the Garden’

  • November 2024

    6 November 2024 – Derby Short talks by members and auction.

  • December 2024

    4 December 2024 – Derby Samantha Hopes ‘Plants with a story’

Visitors admiring plants at the East Lancashire AGS Show

Visitors admiring plants at the 2022 East Lancashire AGS Show