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Each meeting features a plant display of dwarf bulbs and alpines grown by members. There's also a lending library and raffle of unusual plants. Subscriptions: AGS members - £7 single, £12 family. Non-members: £10 single, £17 family. Visitors £2.50.
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  • Contact

    David Hughes (Secretary)

    01425 470464

  • Programme of meetings

    Thursday September 2nd.


    Martin will be talking about his travels in Central Chile with the AGS


    Thursday October 7th


    Tim will talk on..
    Alpines and Perennials for dry gardens


    November 4th


    Winter is not just Snowdrops!

    Hopefully Christine will bring some bulbs for sale at this meeting.

    December 2nd


    Norway via Gothenburg Botanic Garden





  • SUMMER SHOW SOUTH...Rocky Flower Show




    BH21 4DT


    Saturday May


    The Rocky Flower Show takes place at Wimborne in Dorset and our group together with the Hampshire group enjoy hosting it.

    This is our best opportunity in the South to see a wonderful selection of of exceptionally well grown plants and a display of expertly produced photographs.

    If you need o know more about the plants ,it is a rare occasion to meet growers and learn their secrets!

    The presence of the show in our area has encouraged exhibitors from our own membership who now regularly win trophies and awards.

    We are grateful to the Hampshire group for their support in running this show.

    Clare and Christine with their team put on an amazing spread of homemade cakes and lunches

    The fine venue,sumptuous food,wonderful plants and friendly atmosphere have made it a Must See event for many far flung Alpine enthusiasts.

    The photographic competition will continue to run. For further details please contact …David Hughes on

    There will be 3 classes of panels of three photographs and a class for a single picture.

    1.alpine plants in the wild

    2.alpine plants in cultivation

    3.close up photographs of alpine plants,including macrophotography.

    Each entrant may  enter 2 panels,either in different classes or both in one class.

    if you contact David he will send you a copy of the rules.

    We very much look forward to meeting you!

    Nurseries attending 2019

    Rachel/Tim Lever.   Aberconway Nursery

    Leesa Barret.   Leesa’s not just Alpines

    Tim Woodford.   Garden Secrets Nursery

    Rob and Jackie Potterton. Potterton’s Nursery

    Simon Bond.  Thuja Alpine Nursery

    Monica Ashman.  Wild Thyme Plants

  • DORSET GROUP LOCAL SHOW and Show Schedule



    Allendale Centre,Wimborne. BH21 1AS


    11.30 am to 3pm

    Dorset groups showcase of Alpine plants and photographs.

    This is your opportunity to see Alpine plants and bulbs cultivated by local growers.

    Members or neighbouring AGS groups are also welcome to exhibit.

    There will be plants for sale, a tombola…cakes …lunch …and tea!

    entrance £1


    Nurseries attending: 2020

    Leesa’s not just Alpines…from Chichester

    Parham Bungalow Plants

    Stefan Rau



    staging  8.30 until 10am

    1.Three pans rock plants in flower,distinct,excluding bulbs and orchidacae

    2. Three pans bulbous plants in flower distinct

    3. Three pans rock plants in flower distinct

    4. One pan rock plant in flower,open only to novices who are members of the Dorset group.

    5. One pan rock plant in flower excluding bulbs and orchidacae

    6. One pan Narcissus

    7. One pan Fritillaria

    8. One pan bulbous plant or Rhizomatous iris,other than Narcissus or Fritillaria pan bulbous plant not a monocotyledon.

    10. Three pans Orchidacae distinct

    11. One pan Orchidacae other than Pleione

    12. One pan Pleione

    13. Three pans primulacae distinct

    14. One pan Cyclamen pan Primula pan Primulacae other than Cyclamen or Primula pan Saxifrage

    18. One pan cushion plant

    19. One pan Sempervivum or Jovibarba

    20. One pan Lewisia

    21.One pan Ericaceae

    22. One pan rock plant in flower from the Southern Hemisphere

    23. One pan foliage plant

    24.Three pans dwarf shrubs including conifers, distinct

    25. One pan dwarf conifer

    26. One pan dwarf Rhododendron pan dwarf shrub other than dwarf conifer or Rhododendron

    28Three pans rock plants grown from seed….date of sowing must be stated

    29. One pan rock plant ,other than Bulb grown from seed…date of sowing must be stated

    30. One pan bulbous plant grown from seed…date of sowing must be stated

    31. One pan everyday rock plant other than orchidaceae

    32. One pan everyday rock plant,bulbous or Orchidaceae

    33. One container of cut flowers and foliage from plants suitable for rock garden or alpine house,overall dimensions not to exceed 6inches across and 5 inches high

    34. A miniature garden or trough max.size 24” x24”

    35. Up to 3 photographs of alpine plant or plants,mounted!size not to exceed 40cm x 30cm including mount






  • AGM March. 4th 2021... 7 for 7.30 on Zoom

David Hoskins grows the most beautiful Cyclamen plants. The one shown here is Cyclamen rependum which came from Ian Robertson a few years ago.

Above is his magnificent Cardiocrinum cathayanum grown from Jim Archibald’s seed sown 12 years ago!


Most of my Snowdrops have come from other Dorset Alpine Garden Society members…….we always have a small plant sale at our meetings as well as an excellent raffle. 

Narcissus Atlas Gold was selected by
Rob Potterton from seed collected by Jim Archibald in the High Atlas

This photo of Gill’s comes from Dorset AGS Committee who send warmest wishes for a Happy Christmas,and the hope that 2021 will enable us all to start meeting again in person

This is one of John Blanchards lovely Narcissus cantabricus flowering in the cold greenhouse today. It has many more flowers this year than last due,I think, to the lovely sunny weather we had in the early summer. I topdressed the pot in August and gave it a dilute feed of Miracle Grow at the beginning of September.

Some lovely Cyclamen grown by Gill Chudley most are kept undercover in her just frost free greenhouse.

A few Alpines from around our New Forest garden. Some are container grown so that we can adjust the soil conditions and others are on the rock garden.

Maureen and Martin live in Poole where they have been able to develop a lovely Japanese style garden.