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Who is the Alpine Garden Society?
Welcome to the Alpine Garden Society. We are one of the largest specialist garden societies in the world. The Society has a wide interest in plants that encompass not only true alpine and mountain plants, but also small hardy herbaceous plants, hardy and half-hardy bulbs, hardy ferns, hardy succulents and small shrubs.

What we do

We have proudly supported gardeners and horticulturists at all levels since 1929. As a result, our offering is vast.

As a charity

We are passionate about the conservation of alpine plants and are committed to sharing knowledge about these plants and their habitats. A registered charity, we fund cultivation and conservation projects across the UK. We also support the development of knowledge and skills in the alpine field.

For our members

Alpine Garden Society members enjoy many benefits: from events and informative publications to expert-led tours and one of the biggest seed exchanges in the world.

Get involved in the Alpine Garden Society

Whether you are new to gardening or an experienced grower of alpines we have something for you.

New to alpines? Take a look at our beginners guides to alpine gardening.

Experienced gardeners: find out more about our publications or browse our encyclopaedia.

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