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Mid Anglia

Since November 1975
Meetings are usually held on the second Saturday of the month. There is a programme of insightful talks and lectures and garden meetings during the summer months. However during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are holding Zoom meetings with neighbouring Groups which are advertised on the AGS website and by email to Group members.
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    £2 per annum.

  • Contact

    Hon. Secretary:  Mrs Jenny Clarke, Pentlow Mill, Cavendish,

    Suffolk CO10 7SP    Tel: 01787 281072

    Programme Secretary: Dr. Lynne Joyce

    Hon.Chairman: Ruth Jones

    Hon.Treasurer: Margaret Rufus


  • Programme of events 2021

    The following Zoom lectures are arranged for 2021

    Wednesday 20th January at 19:00 -20:30 (GMT)

    Favourites throughout the Seasons by Wim Boens.

    A seasonal walk through Wim’s garden looking in detail at his eclectic collection of plants and learning some growing tips from this accomplished plantsman.


    Thursday 11th February at 19:00-20:30 (GMT)

    Flower Show plants by Jim Almond

    Take a closer look at the fantastic plants exhibited at AGS flower shows with Jim’s beautiful photography.


    Thursday 25th March at 19:00-20:30 (GMT)

    Flora of the Mediterranean by Chris Gardner

    Professional botanist Chris Gardner reveals the rich botanical profusion that makes up the flora of the Mediterranean.


    Wednesday 28th April at 19:00-20:30 (GMT)

    Cypripediums by Ray Drew

    An eclectic look at the genus Cypripedium. Examining them from a botanical, geographical and horticultural angle; touching on, from where they grow, through commercial production to seeing them at shows.


    Tuesday11th May at 19:00 -20:30 (GMT)

    More developments in ferns by Julian Reed.

    Julian Reed first started growing ferns as a horticultural student in the late 1970s, he joined the Pteriodology Society in 2007 and is now the current Plant Heritage National Collection Holder of Polypodium Cultivars. He will share his knowledge all these amazing plants, show some unusual varieties, and explain how to propagate and display them.

    We have started to plan our outdoor meetings for the summer months.

    Monday24th May Visit to Fullers Mill
    meet in car park for 2:15p.m. start

    Fullers Mill is a garden for all seasons, but is likely to be particularly spectacular for this visit. In the top garden, the handkerchief tree, Davidia involucrata, hopefully, will be in flower. There are likely to be many shrubs in flower, including varieties of Dipelta with foxglove-like flowers, Peonies, Irises, Euphorbias and the first of the early flowering perennials.



     The Bulb/Plant Sale will be held on  Sunday August 22nd, 2:00pm to 4:00 pm in the garden of Andrew and Jenny Clarke, Pentlow Mill, Cavendish, Suffolk CO10 7SP. More details about this event will be given later on.