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Cotswold & Malvern

The group invites a range of expert speakers to share their knowledge of alpine plants from all over the world.
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    2023 Group Programme

    Wednesday 4th January

    No Meeting

    Wednesday 1st February

    Jon Evans talking about, ‘The Wildside Garden’.

    Jon talks about, Keith Wiley formerly of The Garden House and who has now created a new garden in Devon.

    Wednesday 1st March

    Hillary Little talking about, ‘In pursuit of the plants of Peru’.

    Hillary and her partner are well known for their exploits in South America and have written books on the subject.

    Wednesday 5th April

    Samantha Hope talking about, ‘The Genus Roscoea’.

    Samantha and Nigel of Ashwoods Nursery, where Nigel still works, run Hopes Garden Plants.

    Wednesday 3rd May

    Dr Wilson Wall talking about, ‘Hardy Orchids’.

    Dr Wall runs Bewdley Orchids, a Nursery specialising in Native Species.

    Wednesday 7th June

    Members Mini Show

    Wednesday 5th July

    Members Cheese & Wine – Venue TBA

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    Annual: £14 single, £18 joint

    Visitors: £3 (per meeting)