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Cotswold & Malvern

The group invites a range of expert speakers to share their knowledge of alpine plants from all over the world.
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  • Programme

    2023 Group Programme

    Wednesday 6th September

    Viv Aspland ‘A walk in a glacier valley’

    Wednesday 4th October

    Martyn Denney ‘Cyclamen in the wild and in cultivation’

    Wednesday 1st November

    Annual General Meeting

    Wednesday 6th December

    Bob and Rannveig Wallis ‘Maintenance of a Bulb Collection’

    2024 Group Programme

    Wednesday 3rd January


    Wednesday 7th February

    Duncan Coombs ‘The Flowering of the desert”  Attacama – Part 1’

    Wednesday 6th March


    Wednesday 3rd April

    David Charlton  ‘Mats, Carpets and Cushions in New Zealand and Svalbard’

    Wednesday 1st May

    Hilary Little ‘The Hunt for the Red Nototriche’

    Wednesday 5th June

    Members Mini Show

    Wednesday 3rd July

    Members Cheese & Wine – Venue TBA

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  • Subscription

    Annual: £14 single, £18 joint

    Visitors: £3 (per meeting)