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North Wales

Since 1977
Formed in 1977, members range from experienced growers to keen amateurs. During winter, meetings include a lecture from guest speakers. In summer, various events and outings are organised. We are very keen to meet fellow gardeners with an interest in alpine plants. Our small and very friendly group offers a warm welcome to everyone, whatever their level of knowledge. The talks we arrange reflect our wide interests in plants and gardening and we are able to book speakers from around the UK to come and entertain us. Please get in touch if you are interested or to find out more.
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    £8 single, £10 family plus £2 per meeting attended which includes a free Raffle Ticket

    These rates have been held at pre-pandemic level.

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  • Programme

    The group has now recommenced activity following the covid suspension.  Monthly talks will begin in September 2023.   A garden visit and a wildlife walk are being arranged for the summer months.

    Programme of Events 2023/24
    Sept 14th Celia Wright      From High Mountain to Long Mountain.
    Oct 12 th  Jon Evans           Wildside Garden
    Nov 9 th   Tony Goode        Small is Beautiful. Alpines for the Time Challenged
    Feb 8 th    David Charlton Flowers of the Pyrenees

    Celia and Iain Wright garden on the edge of Long Mountain in Shropshire. They have travelled the world to see the mountain flora. Inspired by these adventures they have try to grow some of the plants they have seen. The talk will mix finding flowers in the mountains and explore how to get some of these plants settled in the garden.

    Jon Evans is one of the AGS leading photographers and as well as recording plants at the shows he has taken an interest in some of the most interesting gardens in the south of England, recording the changes over the seasons and over the years. Keith Wiley’s garden, Wildside, is a truly remarkable venture and we will journey through time there as great plans come to fruition.

    Tony Goode, who relocated from Norfolk to N Wales in 2019 has long been an active AGS member. Once a regular exhibitor at shows and an occasional contributor to the society magazine, his activities have been limited for some time by family and work commitments. The talk is a personal account of how a passion for plants can survive when the time for looking after them is whittled away.

    David Charlton, long an alpine enthusiast, has led botanical tours in the Picos, the Pyrenees and the Dolomites, co-authoring a book on the flowers of the latter. In February 2024 he will show us some of the mountain flowers and the dramatic scenery of the Pyrenees.

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