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Seed Packing 2024

Seed Packing

Seed is packed by volunteers in their own home in late October and November.

Every year we need up to 100 volunteers who are happy to pack a box of seed.  The seed box will be posted out to you in late October or early November.   In the box you will receive seed as sent in to us in the donors’ packets, which is numbered with this year’s numbers.  You will be asked to open the packets and repack in our special glassine packets and label them with a printed sticker.  The box will contain all the items you need.  You are then asked to repack the seed in the box and post the box back to Pershore.  You will be given full instructions in the box.  Seed packers need to be based in the UK.

To pack one box takes a few hours – if you only have an hour or so a day then it will take a few days, but some experienced packers manage to do a box in a couple of days.  Your work is very important and as thanks for your work you will receive seven extra packets in the seed distribution.

seed in glassine packets

Seed Packing

If you would like to help with Seed Packing this year, please contact Diane Clement by email