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We're a friendly bunch meeting every month of the year, to share and encourage in the cultivation and interest in alpine plants. We can offer advice and inspiration, with illustrated talks by enthusiastic speakers, often world authorities in their field.
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  • Contact and Subscription Information

    Bob Charman (Chairman)

    For more information phone: 0208-660-7459


    Single membership £7 annually

    Visitors £1 per meeting.


  • East Surrey Programme 2023

    The First two Meetings of the Year will be held by Zoom on Thursdays jointly with the West Surrey Group.

    Thursday Jan 5th

    Botanising in Lesotho – A Kingdom in the Sky

    Harry Jans

    Thursday 2nd Feb

    The Rock Garden: Utrecht Botanic Garden

    Connor Smith

    Back to Tuesdays Live at our hall in Epsom

    Tuesday Feb 21st

    Plant Photography at Alpine Garden Society Shows

    Jon Evans

    Tuesday March 21st

    How the Cévennes survived the Ice Age

    David Dickenson

    Tuesday April 18th

    The History of the Kew Rock Garden

    Tom Freeth

    Tuesday May 16th

    Pleiones and their Culture

    Maren Talbot

    Tuesday June 20th

    The Great Outdoors – Gardening With Succulents

    Paul Spracklin

    Tuesday July 18th

    A Botanical Tour Through Japan

    Martyn Denny

    Tuesday Aug 15th

    Bulb Themed Evening & Short Members Talks

    Tuesday Sept 19th

    Bulbous Habitats

    Bob & Rnnveig Wallis


    Tuesday Oct 17th

    For The Love of Snowdrops

    Lyn Miles


    Tuesday Nov 21st

    Members AGM

    Dec: date to be confirmed

    Christmas Event


  • East Surrey Programme 2022

    Tuesday Jan 18th


    Trevor Wiltshire   (Zoom)

    Tuesday Feb 15th

    Plant Photography’ – Telling a Story

    Adrian Davies   (Zoom)

    Tuesday Mar 15th

    Thyme in the Wild’

    Margaret Easter   (Zoom)

    From April 2022 the plan is to return to live talks at Epsom

    Tuesday April 19th

    Plants and Castles of Transylvania’

    Razvan Chisu

    Tuesday May 17th

    Kyrgyzstan and the Roof of the World’

    Bob Charman

    Tuesday June 21st

    An AGS Intern’s Adventures in Growing and Showing Alpines’

    Alex O’Sullivan

    Tuesday July 19th

    Talk Cancelled Due to Extreme Heat Forecast and Moved to September 20th.

    Tuesday Aug 16th

    ‘Trillium’s and Woodland Plants of North America’

    Dr Keith Ferguson

    Tuesday Sep 20st

    The Narrow Road to the Deep North – Travels in Japan’

     Diane Clement


    Tuesday Oct 18th

    ‘Nymans Rock Garden Restoration’

    Charlie Bancroft

    Tuesday Nov 15th

    AGM & Members Talks

    Dec Date TBC

    Christmas Social Event – Wisley Gardens


  • Program of Events 2021. All meetings will be via Zoom until further notice

    Please Note; Our Meetings Have Now Moved To The THIRD Tuesday of  The Month.

    Tuesday 19th January

    ”Around the World with (Alpine) Plants in 60- minutes”

    Harry Jans

    Tuesday 16th February

    ‘The Garden at Pencarn’

    Trevor Wiltshire

    Tuesday 16th March

    ”The Orchids of Italy’s Gargano Peninsula”

    Andrew Cleave

    Tuesday 20th April

    ”Tenerife–a botanical honey pot and evolutionary laboratory”

    Timothy Walker

    Tuesday 18th May

    ”Picos de Europa in May” Part 1

    Jon Evans

    Tuesday 15th June

    ”All About Hostas”

    Peter Savage

    Tuesday 20th July

    ”Woodland Treasures”

    John Lonsdale

    Tuesday 17th August

    ”Our Odyssey With Bulbs”

    Paul Cumbleton & Collin Everet

    Tuesday 21st September

    ”The Iris Living Collection at Kew”

    Tom Freeth

    Tuesday 19th October

    ”Picos de Europa in May” Part 2

    Jon Evans

    Tuesday 16th November

    AGM & Members Talks

    Tuesday 21st December



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  • True Grit & Anti-viral edition - East & West Surrey Local Groups Quarterly Newsletter

Online Display Table

‘I cannot help feeling that in this time of cancellation and restricted movement True Grit will take on a new significance, as it will be the only way to keep in touch with our members. With that in mind I have attached some images of my spring garden. Remember spring can’t be canceled, and let’s hope it is a harbinger of better times to come.’
Bob Charman

From left to right:

1/ The common primrose or primer rosa, the first rose of spring.

2/ Fritillaria eduardii.

3/ Daphne modesta from West China, cold tolerant but needs a dry winter.

4/ Cherry blossom.

5/ Iris suaveolens helveolus group.

6/ Iris bucharica?

7/ Pulsatilla, All easy to grow, ideal for a trough or the rockery.

8/ & 9/  Small Iris, easy to grow in pots or the open garden.

‘Thought you might like to see the Cyclamen. Persicum in bloom at the far end of the greenhouse’.
Thanks to Lynn Nash for sending us a picture of her Primula auricula.
Zara Frenkiel has kindly sent us some pictures from her garden; A tree peony, a violet, two tulips, the yellow is a species and an interesting pink camellia showing a red sport.
‘I was amazed this week to find several double Anemone blanda growing in a patch which flourishes in the shade of an old apple tree. There are two shades of fully double and some semi doubles’. 
Jon Evans Garden
Jon Evans, well known member of the Woking West Surrey Group and one of the official photographers at AGS plant shows and producer of the Photographer’s Diary has taken some pictures of his garden for us. The commentary is his.(Parts two and three to follow)
‘Let’s start with the front garden.  Bit of a mess – the crevice garden and surrounds need weeding and renovation.  Lots of grass to remove’.
Jon Evans

1/ Crevice Garden and 2/ Helleborus hybridus.

3/ Anemone appenina, 4/ Tulipa purissima and 5/ Tulipa ‘Yellow?’

6/ Pulsatilla’s rubra, and 7-9/ vulgaris ‘pink’ and ‘white’.

10/ ‘Not sure what the Scilla is – label long lost.  Possibly litardieri – it has taken over a bit’.

Part Two
‘Moving round the back now – 1-3/ here is Rosa Mermaid after I tackled it – no longer in the guttering and all across our bedroom window’.
Main rock garden – dominated by primroses.  And a few Pulsatilla. 

4/ Pulsatilla vulgaris pale pink form.

5/ Pulsatilla vulgaris small dark Ex Robin White.

6/ primula vulgaris.

7/ Primula elatior.

8/ Veronica Georgia Blue.

‘I am glad tulips like the soil here – the Narcissus fly very effectively prevent me growing daffs in the open garden’.

9-10/ Tulipa Little Beauty.

Part Three
‘This is a new Erythronium to me, and a good one.  A good form of Trillium rivale with very full petals.  Just a few Pulsatilla seedlings’.

1/ Erythroniums.

2/ Erythronium ‘Harvington Sunshine’.

3/ Trillium rivale.

4/ Pulsatilla vulgaris.

‘The Ipheion would probably have gone to Rosemoor – a bit tired now.  And the lovely Tulipa cretica with a tired T heweri’.

5/ Ipheion ‘Rolf Fiedler’.

6/ Tulipa humilis.

7/ Tulipa heweri & cretica.

‘Also, from a couple of weeks ago, my Paeonia clusii seedling is finally big enough to flower.  And a South African succulent which I grew from seed ? 20 years ago but has never flowered’.

8-9/ Paeonia clusii.

10/ Aloinopsis spathulata.

11/ Thalictrum orientale Greek form.

‘The Gladiolus ought to be outside – perfectly hardy – but they have become a greenhouse weed’.

12/ Gladiolus tristis hybrid.

‘A Moraea that wasn’t what it was supposed to be, but I don’t often get them to flower.  And two different Tropaeolum hybrids, from seed from Rosemary via the exchanges.  First time I have ever flowered this Sparaxis’.

13/ Moraea vegeta.

14-15/ Tropaeolum hybrids.

16/ Sparaxis grandiflora.

‘A few days ago was the time the Woking group would have been holding its annual flower show. so here is my entry for the 6″ 3 pan Primula class OK, I know there are only two pots. Don’t knit pick! And yes they went over a couple of weeks ago and were never good enough for a national show, but they are as good as I do. They are Primula marginata Pixie with Peggy Wilson’.
Mike Morton
‘Thanks Mike, I thought I would add  my primula Boothman’s Variety in a 6” pot to make a three pan set’.
Will Rook
A few pictures from my garden on Friday 27th March. ‘It was a sunny but very windy day which made taking photographs with my mobile phone problematic as I had to wait for the wind to drop to get an in focus shot’.
Will Rook

1/ Iris unguicularis. ‘Probably one of the last of the flower buds for this season. The clump was lifted in the autumn and is awaiting replanting in June’.

2/ Fritillaria meleagris. ‘I planted these bulbs in rough grass a couple of years ago; they have established but have been attacked by slugs and scarlet Lilly beetles, although not causing too much damage’.

3/ Tulipa heweri. ‘A reasonable priced species Tulip discovered in 1969 in Afghanistan, but not named until 2008, bulking up nicely’.

4/ Bergenia ciliata. ‘A beautiful deciduous Bergenia from the Western Himalayas, I can’t believe I had trouble even giving it away last year at the garden party!’