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Mid Kent

Since 1977
The group was founded in 1977 and has met regularly ever since. Meetings are usually held once a month on a Wednesday and may be lectures or garden visits.
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  • 2023 Programme of Events

    January/February: Wednesday PM on date to be confirmed
    Members garden visit – Caroline & John Milne
    Wednesday 15 March:
    Lecture by Martyn Denney at DITTON
    Yunnan, China
    Saturday 1 April:
    Help required on the day and setting up on Friday please
    Wednesday 12 April:
    Members garden visit – Henny and Peter Shorter at LENHAM
    Wednesday 17 May:  
    Garden visit – Chris Lanes Nursery in NEWINGTON
    Wednesday 21 June:
    Members garden visit – Val Free in MAIDSTONE
    Wednesday 19 July:
    Garden visit – No Name Garden, n’r SANDWICH, Steve Edney’s new garden
    Wednesday 20 September:
    Speaker in hall at DITTON – to be arranged
    Wednesday  18 October:
    Lecture by J Hughes at DITTON
    Santiago, Chile
    Wednesday 166November:
    Lecture  by Mark Denney at DITTON
    Dqing, China – part 2 of the March lecture
    Wednesday 13 December:
  • Subscription

    Membership fee this year is a nominal £1.00

  • Contact

    Lynn Jackson,

    or 01795 872393