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Devon – Exeter

A lively group meeting frequently for talks, plant sales and socials. Meetings are now back in Longdown Village Hall until further notice.
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The Exeter Group invites inspiring speakers to share their expertise at meetings, which also feature raffles and plant sales. The group organises a seed exchange, seedling exchange, garden visits, summer garden party and Christmas social.

It also organises the South West Alpine Flower Show and Plant Sale in association with RHS Rosemoor.

Subscriptions: AGS members – £7 single, £10 joint. Non-members £10 single, visitors £2.

  • Contact

    Mrs. Jeanne Nightingale: 01837 83288

  • Programme for 2022

    JAN 20th     Zoom meeting      The Pontic Alps                            Richard Bains

    JAN 26th      Zoom meeting with Somerset Group

    Growing Alpine Plants in Character                        Jim Jermyn

    FEB 17th      Botanizing in the year of Lockdown – Treasures right under our noses  Kurt Vickery

    MAR 17th     The Cultivation of Daphnes                                     David Carver

    MAR 26th      AGS National Southwest Show at Rosemoor

    APR 21st       GROUP SPRING SHOW (please enter)

    MAY 20th        ‘’I do it My Way’ (Propagation and Troughs)      Dick Fulcher + Richard Horswood

    JUN 16th      The Rock Garden at Wisley                                      Trevor Wiltshire

    July 21st       Garden Party at 1, Fourways, Eggesford                   Dick and Lorna Fulcher

    SEP 15th       The Roger Stuckey Memorial Lecture Andean Adventures Christopher Bailes

    OCT 20th      Rosemoor and its Plant Delights                                Jonathan Wester                        

    NOV 17th      The Rock Garden at RGB Kew                                  Tom Freeth

    DEC 8th        Seed Exchange, Grand Raffle &  CHRISTMAS PARTY

    (Please bring plate of food &/or drinks)



  • Next Meeting

    The Roger Stuckey Memorial Lecture

    on Thursday 16th September 2021

    at 7pm for 7.30pm

    at Longdown Village Hall, EX6 7RZ

    Tickets £5 in advance, limited numbers.

    Branklyn Garden a legacy to the Rentons with Jim Jermyn 

    Property Manager/Head Gardener at The National Trust for Scotland’s

    Branklyn Garden.

    Jim is a great alpine plantsman, photographer and will take us on a tour of the garden developed by John and Doro-thy Renton in the early 1920s after they built their Arts & Crafts-inspired house.

    The couple were keen to have a garden that featured rare and unusual plants and flowers from all over the world. Thanks to the seeds collected by renowned plant hunters (including George Forrest and Frank Ludlow) and due to Dorothy’s remarkable gardening skills, the couple’s wish was granted.

    Today, gardeners and botanists come from across the globe to admire Branklyn’s outstanding collection, particularly the rhododendrons, alpines and peat-garden plants. It also holds several National Collections of plants, including Meconopsis and Cassiope.

    All tickets to be purchased in advance, before Sept 12th. Exeter group members free

    Register your name/s with Dick Fulcher by email: You will then receive instructions where to collect your ticket; either at the Plant Heritage stand at RHS Rosemoor Plant Fair on 11th/12th September or Devon HPS 4/9/21 meeting at Longdown. If not attending either event, payment by cheque or BACS required, for which you will receive

    instructions and an email ticket

  • News of members

    During the Covid19 closure the group has started to exchange pictures as a way of keeping in touch. Some of these are shown in the Gallery below. The first were received at the beginning of May.

Plants featured above are as follows.

Cyclamen pseudibericum from Dick and Lorna Fulcher (1). A selection of Rhodohypoxis from David Oakey (2).

Adiantum aleuticum from David Cann (3).

Daphne gemmata (4), Eriogonum douglasii douglasii (5) and Scutellaria supina (11) from Richard and Sue.

Saxifraga Southside Seedling (6) and Penstemon hirsuta pygmaea (7) from Julie Hatchett.

Daphne collection (8) and a Cypripedium hybrid (9) from David Carver.

A candelabra primula (10) from Nicki Bitschi and Podophyllum “Spotty Dotty” (12) from Annette Chapman.