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Annual General Meeting ~ 11 November 2023

June 12, 2023
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The Annual General Meeting of the Alpine Garden Society will take place on Saturday 11 November 2023 at Stratford Manor Hotel, Warwick Road, Stratford CV37 0PY.



10.00 am Registration, coffee and plant sales
10.30 am Annual General Meeting and presentation of Society Awards
12.00 noon Presentation of Show Awards
12.45 pm Lunch
2.00 pm EB Anderson Memorial Lecture: Martin Hajman: Tromsø Botanic Garden – Rock landscape and plant collections above the polar circle
3.00 pm Close of AGM


The following Officers are eligible for reappointment and are prepared to continue to serve the AGS (see Note 1 below): Director of Seed (Vacant), Director of Shows (Mr Martin Rogerson), Treasurer (Prof John Galloway) and President (Mr David Morris).


Nominations, with supporting statements/citations, are invited from members for the following posts: Two Trustees to serve for three years and two Trustees to serve for four years (see Note 2 below).


1. To receive and confirm the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting, held on 12 November 2022
2. To receive the report of the Board of Trustees
3. To receive the Honorary Treasurer’s report and accounts
4. To elect a President, Treasurer and Officers to serve for the ensuing year.
5. To elect trustees to serve for for the relevant period (see above)
6. To appoint Auditors for the ensuing year
7. Any other items of business as notified to the Society Director in
writing, no later than 31 July 2023.

Notes on the election of Officers and members of the Trustee Board:

(1) Officers retire annually and are eligible for re-election as per rule of the Constitution. All Honorary Officers listed have agreed to stand for re-election.
(2) In accordance with rule 7.1.4, two Trustees retire annually and are not eligible for re-election for one year. The deadline for Trustee nominations is 31 July 2023 and these should be sent to the AGS Director Tony Bryan at the AGS Centre Avon Bank, Pershore, Worcestershire, WR10 3JP, UK.

E.B Anderson Memorial Lecture

As part of the weekend, the E.B Anderson Memorial Lecture will be given by Martin Hajman. The Memorial Lecture is free to members attending the AGM.

Martin started gardening professionally in Průhonice Park in the Czech Republic where he was head gardener and curator of a large historical rock garden (a UNESCO site). He is now gardener at Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden, which is the world’s most northerly Botanic Garden.