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East Cheshire

The East Cheshire AGS group meetings are held in a friendly atmosphere with plant sales, engaging speakers, competitions and raffles.
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Our gardening group organises a range of activities for its members.

Apart from regular meetings, where speakers give lectures on plants and members socialize and buy plants, we also organise day trips to various gardens and nurseries in the North West.

As a group we have also been involved in building displays for the AGS at the Tatton flower show for the last few years, winning medals every time (we are particularly proud to have won the RHS Holford Medal for best display at all shows in 2018).



  • Programme of Meetings

    Next meetings:

    Tuesday 20 September 2022 – Julian Sutton, ‘The secret life of bulbs and corms’ (Julian will bring rare bulbs to sell)

    Monday 17 October 2022 – Peter Williams, ‘Cold and frost-free greenhouse gardening’

    Monday 21 November 2022 – Samantha Hopes, ‘Top 100 plants’

    Monday 9 December 2022 – Keith Bankier, ‘Exploring Azerbaijan in search of the flowers of the Talysh and Lower Caucasus’

    Monday 16 January 2022 – Michael Myers, ‘Winter interest: Flowers, Foliage and Bark’

    Monday 27 February 2022 – Razvan Chisu, ‘Early summer in the Western Alps’

    Monday 20 March 2022 – Neil Huntley, ‘Alpines in troughs and raised beds’

    Monday 24 April 2022 – AGM and Group Show

    Monday 15 May 2022 – Ray Drew, ‘Cypripediums’

    Monday 18 September 2022 – Diane Clement, ‘The narrow road to the deep north – Travels in Japan’

  • Subscription

    Single  £10.00;  Family £18.00;  Visitors £4.00.

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