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AGS Bolivia 2023 tour

The AGS Bolivia 2023 tour is the first to explore the High Andes in this country. The tour will be led by Harry Jans.  
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The tour will start in Chochabamba. Here we will explore two interesting areas near Misicuni Lake and National Park Torotoro. After this we will fly to the small town of Uyuni, entrance gate to the impressive salt lake, Salar de Uyuni. We will spend three days in an extreme beautiful landscape full of gigantic cacti and the very colorful Lago Colorado with many pink flamingos. After three days, we fly to La Paz and stay for 8 nights in the same hotel.

For seven days we will botanize high up in the Andes very close to La Paz. Some of the places we will explore are Paso La Cumbre and areas near one of the highest mountains Nevado Huayna Potoso, the old ski-area Chacaltaya, Canon de las Animas-Illiani and Khara Khota lake. During the AGS Bolivia 2023 tour we will also visit the ruins of Tiahuanaco and the Valle de la Luna with its strange rock formations.

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