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The group meets ten times a year to enjoy lectures from speakers from all over the UK. Meetings also include a plant sale, raffle, refreshments and the opportunity to borrow books from the group library.

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    Visitors: £1 per meeting.

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    Diane Blyth:

  • Programme of Events

    Feb 19 Jon Evans – The gardens at Blackthorn Nursery – late summer & autumn

    Mar 18 Local Group Show

    Apr 15 Cliff Booker – Creating an alpine haven

    May 20 Peter Mallett – Norfolk Wildlife through the lens

    Jun 17 Kit Strange – Alpines of the Western Pacific Coast of the USA

    Jul 15 Summer visit to Severals Grange (see below for more information)

    Sep 16 Robert Rolfe – Some favourite genera – from Androsace to Viola

    Oct 21 Simon Harrap – British alpines

    Nov 18 Tim Lever – Jewels in the rain – walking the mountains Arunachal Pradesh

    Dec 16 AGM & Christmas Social

    It is with great pleasure that we present the 2020 Programme of Lectures.

    Jon Evans kicks off with the final part of his trilogy of talks on Robin and Sue White’s remarkable garden around and on the site of the formerly world renowned Blackthorn nursery. Jon has had unprecedented access over the years and used his expertise as one of the AGS leading photographers to record many of the plants that Robin and Sue have grown so well.

    Cliff Booker, from Lancashire, will bring his unique style to bear on the creating of an Alpine Haven. Gardening in the Pennines brings challenges a little different to those we face in Norfolk but I am sure there will be ideas for all of us to take away.

    Peter Mallett, our own expert photographer, will share photos and stories from his many years photographing the wildlife around our county and beyond. Expect remarkable pictures from this dedicated naturalist.

    Kit Strange, from Kew and well known to many of you, will take us across the pond and share her experiences of Alpines on the Western Pacific Coast of the USA. Kit has an enthusiastic and engaging style which encourages the audience to interact with her during the lectures which I am sure you will.

    After the summer break we welcome Robert Rolfe to our group for the first time. Robert says of himself “I’ve never pretended to be a lecturer of any consequence: writing is what I’m (supposed to be) focussed upon.” Well, whatever he thinks, as well as being an assistant Editor of The Alpine Gardener, the AGS quarterly magazine, he is one of the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable alpine experts you will ever meet and much in demand to talk to AGS groups and at conferences. With a unique outlook, he is one of a kind.

    Simon Harrap, a Norfolk based botanist and author, is known to some of you as amongst other things he has been Chairman of Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists. His talk is on British Alpines, a subject that I don’t think has featured here before although it has been touched upon.

    We close the lecture season with a visit from Tim Lever from Aberconwy Nursery in North Wales. A young man following in his parents footsteps he now runs the famous alpine nursery alongside his mother, Rachel, after Dad Keith passed away. Some of you will remember Tim’s last visit when he took us on an epic trek in the Himalayas. This year we will venture in that direction again as he talks about walking the mountains of Arunachal Pradesh in his talk, Jewels in the Rain ….. bring a waterproof coat along in November.

    Thank you to Tony Goode for organising these talks.


    Summer Visit to Severals Grange 5.30pm on 15th July 2020

    The garden formerly attached to Hoecroft Plants has now been developed to include the areas which used
    to be the nursery sales area. Planting is already quite established and is laid out in a formal design. These
    new areas are at their best from early summer to late autumn with an abundant use of Jane Lister’s
    herbaceous plants. 2 new additional borders elsewhere in the garden have continued with the main garden
    theme of providing all year round interest and colour by using a backbone of coloured foliage shrubs as well
    as herbaceous plants.

    Jane has agreed we can all take a plate of food to share and have supper in the garden. She will provide
    drinks. We must have at least 20 people in the group and the cost to visit the garden and drinks will be £6
    per person. Please put this date in your diary. We usually have a very enjoyable evening.

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