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Since January 2000
The group meets once a month in Taunton to enjoy specialist lectures and share tips on growing alpines. Meetings also have a plant sale, raffle and second hand book sale. We also have garden visits and a Summer Social that takes place at a member's garden. Membership is £6 (individual) or £10 for a couple. Visitors are welcome - £2 per meeting. We are now meeting online on the usual dates and at the normal time. The next meeting in October is as advertised. Wednesday November 25th an online meeting with Ian Young talking on Waves of Colour, a look at their garden through the seasons.
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  • Programme for 2022

    Programme for 2022 (7.30 lectures except where indicated)

    January 20th Joint zoom meeting with Devon-Exeter  Richard Bains   The Pontic Alps

    January 26th      Jim Jermyn         Zoom    Growing Alpine Plants in true character

    February 23rd    Hilary Little          Along the Patagonian Highway

    March 23rd         AGM   & Brenda and Peter Wilson             Iceland

    April 27th             Diane Clement  Cyclamen and hepaticas – Jewels of the Garden

    May 18th              Garden visits to East Lambrook Manor and Avon Bulbs

    May 25th              Celia Wright        From High Mountains to Long Mountain

    July 27th (provisional date)          Summer Social  Springdale, Smeatharpe

    September 28th    Kurt Vickery    A bulb hunter’s favourite weeds

    October 26th        Chris Lovell        Morocco through bulbous eyes

    November 23rd    Members Evening

    December 14th   Christmas Social (provisional date)







  • Contact

    Mrs Sue Horswood (Secretary):

  • News from members

    During the Covid 19 shutdown members of the group, starting with the chairman, have been sending pictures to us for distribution to our members. We have accumulated a number of these so are publishing here some of the best for April. Hopefully we will have more to follow and will be able to see some of the seasonal changes in the gardens and glasshouses of the Somerset Group members.

    As from September the group is meeting on line and the program of talks is as advertised.

  • Pictures

    Pictures below from various members of the Somerset Group which have been distributed to all as a way of keeping in contact.

The pictures are as follows.

Primula hybrid – from Phil

Acis autumnale and Roscoea cautleyoides old purple – from Pete and Brenda

Biarum rhodpalospadix, and Gladiolus cardinalis from Mike and Wendy

Moltkia X intermedia from Paul and Colin

Crocus speciosus, C.pu;chellum and Cyclamen rolfsianum from Christine