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North Lancashire

Seasoned growers and keen amateurs are equally welcome. Meetings include talks on alpine habitats and cultivation. There is also a plant display and members can borrow books from the group library.
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  • Subscription

    The annual subscription will be the same as last year which represents great value for money: Single £8.00; Joint £12, each with a £1.00 entrance fee, or £3.00 on the door for non-members.

  • Contact

    Mrs Liz Walsh (Secretary): 01524 36627.

  • Programme

    SEPTEMBER 15th 2022

    Our first meeting of the 2022/23 programme begins with ALAN OATWAY speaking about the flora of Switzerland. Alan’s presentations are consistently outstanding and his “A-Z OF SWITZERLAND “will be a great start and something for us to look forward to.

    OCTOBER 13th 2022

    We normally have our meetings on the third Thursday of the month but please take note that due to circumstances beyond our control the OCTOBER MEETING will be held on the SECOND THURSDAY.

    I hope that this earlier than usual newsletter allows time for you to adjust your calendar as TONY WILLIS will be speaking about the “FLOWERS OF MACEDONIA” and sharing his expertise and passion for the plants which are to be found there, not least of all an exquisite variety of crocus.


    NOVEMBER 17th 2022

    Those of us who were fortunate enough to attend the outstanding talk DAVID MOUNTFORT gave to us in 2019 will be as delighted as myself that he will be with us again to speak about “PLANTS AND PLACES IN THE AUSTRIAN TYROL”. I do not recall us previously having a presentation on Austria but I am sure that it will be very good.

    DECEMBER 15th 2022

    It is all very well travelling the world in search of so many varied and wonderful alpines but we do have a wealth of equally wonderful plants closer to home. DAVID MORRIS, the AGS president, will be talking about “THE MARDALE PROJECT, 5 YEARS ON”, looking at the special plants to be found there and the progress made following the exclusion of the sheep and deer from the area.

    The presentation will be preceded by the AGM.

    JANUARY 19th 2023. Crickey, another year on!

    DAVID CHARLTON will be giving the talk which had to be cancelled last year when he contracted Covid.  David is an excellent speaker and the subject “MATS, CARPETS AND CUSHIONS IN NEW ZEALAND AND SVALBARD” sounds to be right up my street (that’s why I booked him), but I am sure that everyone will enjoy seeing these amazing plants and how they have adapted to grow in the most challenging environments.

    FEBRUARY 16th 2023

    Oh dear, as yet I am still in need of a speaker for this meeting. Any suggestions/recommendations?

    MARCH 16th 2023

    Next year the AGS Show at Kendal will be held under Scottish Rock Garden rules and so their president COLIN CROSBIE will be travelling down to speak to us and then to the Penrith group, before staying on for our Kendal Show on 18th March 2023. Colin specialises in growing woodland plants but as yet he has given no title for his talk.

    APRIL 20th 2023

    The Alpine Garden Society embraces a wide variety of plants, many of which do not grow in the alpine zone, yet the inclusion of numerous true alpines plants from the Cactus family continues to be very controversial.  Several of our members do grow cacti, but others, whilst greatly admiring them, know very little about where they come from or how to grow them. IAN WOOSNOUGH will cast some light on this matter in his talk about “HIGH ANDEAN CACTUS”, describing their habitat and giving advice about their cultivation. Hopefully this will inspire more of us to grow and perhaps even show them in the future.