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Oxford & District

Since 1960
This lively and friendly group holds monthly meetings from September - April which include an insightful talk, refreshments and a plant raffle. The group also organises garden visits and social gatherings during the spring and summer months.
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    Visitors are always most welcome – £2.00 per meeting

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    Celia Sawyer:

    01608 684755

  • Programme of events

    Winter Programme 2021-22

    Wednesday 8th September 2021
    KURT VICKERY, “A Tulip Hunters Favourite Weeds”
    Featuring botanical and other highlights seen of over a decade of tour leading.

    Wednesday 13th October
    JIM JERMYN, “The Dolomites – A Gardener’s Paradise”
    Jim has worked in Bavaria and N Italy giving him the chance to botanise in the Dolomites on numerous occasions. His experience then allowed him to grow some favourite endemic species in a garden setting.

    Wednesday 10th November
    TOM FREETH, “The Alpine Houses of Kew”
    We shall look at archive photos of the three houses, finishing with recent images of landscaping work and planting. Also, benefits and drawbacks of respective designs and the plants grown in them.

    Wednesday 8th December
    To be followed by a talk given by former member Charles Shi about his experiences on the 3 year Kew Diploma Course. You may remember Charles spoke to us last year, but had so much more he wanted to say and so this is part 2.

    Wednesday 12th January 2022
    This is an opportunity for members to give short talks, illustrated or not, on topics of interest to the group. Please let Celia Sawyer know at least a month before if you think you can help.

    Wednesday 9th February
    ADRIAN YOUNG, “Alpines and Dwarf Conifers”
    Adrian will talk about the wonderful alpines and extraordinary dwarf conifers that he has been growing at Waterperry Gardens since 2002.

    Wednesday 9th March
    RAZVAN CHISU, “Romanian Mountain Plants”
    A wander through woodlands in spring, gorges and high peaks in summer, to see the wealth of plants which grow on the slopes of the Carpathian Mountains.

    Wednesday 13th April
    TOM KING, “The Crocus and Galanthus collections at RHS Garden Wisley“
    An overview of how both collections are cared for, including watering and re-potting. Notable cultivars and species will also be highlighted in the collections.

    Please bring plants to each meeting for the raffle and the sale table. Members are also asked to bring along any interesting or unusual plants for other members to see.


Paeonia x smouthii

Crocus goulimyi

Hepatica nobilis

GENTIANA FARRERI (Silken Star Group)