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Coloured labels 4" pack of 50,

Your price: £1.75

Peony: The Best Varieties for Your Garden, David C. Michener and Carol A. Adelman

Your price: £21.99 (Members' price: £17.50)

Plants Of the World - An illustrated Encyclopedia of Vascular Plant Families, Maarten J.M Christenhusz Michael F. Fay Mark W.Chase

Your price: £65.00 (Members' price: £52.00)

RHS Plantfinder 2018,

Your price: £14.99 (Members' price: £11.50)

The Flower-Powered Garden, Andy Vernon

Your price: £22.99 (Members' price: £17.00)

The Layered Garden, David L. Cup

Your price: £25.00 (Members' price: £20.00)

The Well-Tended Perennial Garden: the essential guide to planting and pruning techniques, Tracy DiSabato-Aust

Your price: £25.00 (Members' price: £20.00)

White labels 4",

Your price: £3.00

White labels 4.5 ",

Your price: £1.50

Wild Plants of Southern Spain: A guide to the native plants of Andalucia, Tony Hall

Your price: £30.00 (Members' price: £24.00)

Wildflowers of Texas, Michael Eason

Your price: £20.00 (Members' price: £15.00)

Special Offers

A guide to Bearded Iris, Kelly D. Norris

Your price: £25.00 (Members' price: £5.00)

Calochortus (Mariposa Lilies & their Relatives), Mary E Gerritsen & Ron Parsons

Your price: £20.00 (Members' price: £3.00)

Daffodil: The Remarkable Story of the World?s Most Popular Spring Flower, Noel Kingsbury

Your price: £17.99 (Members' price: £9.00)

Mountain Flower Walks - The Greek Mainland , John Richards

Your price: £22.99 (Members' price: £5.00)

RHS Encyclopedia of Conifers, Aris G. Auders and Derek P. Spicer

Your price: £149.00 (Members' price: £85.00)

Wild Flowers of the Mediterranean, Marjorie Blamey and Christopher Grey-Wilson

Your price: £25.00 (Members' price: £5.00)