Jovibarba – a gardeners guide

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Jovibarba – a gardeners guide by Dr Steve Furness, published 2023, 106 pages.

This book is for gardeners. Its aim is to introduce an obscure but beautiful, colourful, and easy group of plants to a wider public. To many the genus Jovibarba will be unfamiliar, yet they are wonderful plants, worthy of a place in any garden. Everyone’s heard of sempervivums or houseleeks, well these are even better!

Dr Steve Furness shares his experience of growing jovibarbas for over 40 years at his nursery in Derbyshire, England where he propagates and sells all manner of alpine plants. After introducing the world of jovibarbas, the book covers aspects of cultivation, propagation, pests and diseases and has a fully illustrated section describing the species and cultivars.

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