Sempervivum – A gardeners guide

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Sempervivum – A gardeners guide by Dr Steve Furness; published 2023, 212 pages.

This book is aimed at gardeners, in particular those that have recently ‘discovered’ sempervivums and want want to learn more about them. Dr Steve Furness shares his experience of growing semps for over 40 years at his nursery in Derbyshire, England where he propagates and sells all manner of alpine plants. The book covers aspects of Sempervivum botany, how to grow them in the garden and in pots, pests and diseases and has a comprehensive, fully illustrated section describing species and cultivars (over 400).

Sempervivums were one of the first garden plants to be cultivated. They are colourful, easy to grow and long-lived. Some forms are tiny and suitable for growing in screes and troughs, others are fast growing and used for carpet bedding and green roofs. In an age of global warming and ever shrinking plots, sempervivums really are plants for the 21st century garden!

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