Aghanistan & Iran book bundle


With a combined retail value of £80 here are two titles you can now buy at the bargain price of £35. To make the deal even sweeter, we will throw in a copy of Portraits of Alpine Plants as well!

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A Plant-Hunter in Afghanistan.

This title is produced privately by the author as a limited signed edition and is only available from the Alpine Garden Society. 

Based on a plant collecting expedition from the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, this new title relates to a time when Afghanistan was at peace, covering an overland expedition through Europe and Turkey to Iran and Afghanistan. The expedition explored many parts of the country, from the low deserts to the rugged Hindu Kush and the Pamir Mountains, including a long trek up the Wakhan Corridor to the Chinese frontier following the Silk Route. Illustrated with nearly 500 colour photographs, it shows a great diversity of plant life, people and astonishing scenery.

Bulbous Plants of Turkey and Iran

This book covers the majority of bulbs found in Turkey (including European Turkey) and Iran. The flora of this vast region, which includes coasts, mountains and deserts, is rich and varied. It ranges from Mediterranean maquis to coniferous and deciduous forests, steppes and high alpines. In all these different habitats bulbous plants play a significant role. Bulbs are a particular feature of the spring and early summer months.  Although quite a few bulbs bloom in the autumn and early winter. This much anticipated edition has been fully revised with a new text plus 150 species and 350 images added.


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