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90th Anniversary Edition of The Alpine Gardener

November 9, 2020
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Our 90th anniversary edition of The Alpine Gardener is now available to read digitally below!

Every quarter, Alpine Garden Society members receive our 128 page, glossy print journal The Alpine Gardener.

It’s always packed with out-of-this-world plants, expert growing advice and spectacular alpine habitats from all over the world. Our recent 90th anniversary edition is no exception!

…but this time the journal comes arrives with a digital twist.

In celebration of our 90th birthday, for the first time, we’re making a special digital edition of the journal available to everyone.

And it’s a real page-turner!

The Alpine Gardener – 90th Anniversary Edition

Expand the journal by hovering over the image, then clicking the box in the middle to expand. Arrows to the left and right allow you to turn the pages as in a physical journal – neat hey?!

90th Anniversary Journal Contents

Our 90th anniversary journal is jam-packed with practical advice on growing alpine plants, inspiring stories of travel to far flung places in search of beautiful alpines, and in-depth articles about some very rare and special alpine species too!

If you’re an AGS member, most of what is in this journal you already received in the post.

But! It also features bonus content, including the story of how the AGS was formed and some growing advice from our archives – taken from the first volume of the Alpine Garden Society Bulletin.

Sink your teeth into that one – and if you enjoy it, why not share it with your friends?

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