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Virtual Events on Alpine Plants

October 5, 2020
We're coming to the end of the season for local group talks, which calm down for summer and pick up again in autumn. Still a couple left to go, though! Find out more below.

Virtual Events on Alpines

May Programme

13 May – It’s not all sand: The Mountain Flora of Yemen by Frazer Henderson @ 19:30 (BST)

A compilation of visits shines a light on the little known world of the Haraz mountains. The talk explores botanical riches from succulents and alpines to an unexpected discovery of Primula verticillata. It also shows the cultural heritage of the area.

This talk is open to members of our East Kent Group or £2 for visitors. Please contact for a ticket by midnight on 11th May.

27 May – Flowers of the Pyrenees by David Charlton @ 19:00 (BST)

Come and see the fascinating alpine flora in one of the most glorious mountain ranges in the world! Many of these plants – like the Pyrenean Trumpet Gentian – grow at more than 3000 metres above sea level, where the views as well as the plants are awe-inspiring.

This event is being run by our Hampshire, Dorset and West Sussex groups. All AGS members who live in one of these three regions are welcome to attend for free! Get in touch with Hampshire Secretary Ben Parmee to find out how to take part: