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3 Digital Flower Shows for Lockdown Gardeners

March 26, 2020
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Get involved with digital flower shows to replace traditional shows cancelled due to COVID-19.

Coronavirus has brought our in-person shows to a grinding halt. But don’t let that stop you! Digital flower shows are popping up everywhere. They give you the satisfaction of sharing your plants with the world and the cheer of seeing other people’s gardens flourishing.

Here are three hot-off-the-press digital flower shows for lockdown gardeners.

1. The Great British Garden Show

The newly launched Great British Garden Show aims to celebrate our nation’s fabulous gardens – and the gardeners behind them – by showing them online. Set up by a father and daughter duo, the show replaces horticultural events cancelled due to coronavirus.

Lift your lockdown spirits by viewing the beautiful gardens showcased here. Or have fun taking snaps of your own plants and enter them into the show. Window boxes, container-grown alpines and wider garden shots are all welcome. So get snapping!

Choose 6 photos and fill out this entry form to see your plants up in lights. They’ll also be running competitions shortly (details TBC). So watch this virtual space!

2. The AGS Digital Flower Show

At the AGS, we’re sadder than sad that many of our UK shows have been cancelled. That’s why we’re swiftly bringing you a digital replacement!

If you’ve entered our online flower show before, you know the drill. It’s a more formal arrangement than the Great British Garden Show, with official competition categories, expert judges, trophies and prizes. So there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t enter both!

Got a pan of delightful Crocus? An impressive Corydalis? A kingly Erythronium? Don’t let them languish at home! Pop them in our online flower show and share them with the appreciative audience they deserve.

This online flower show is open to AGS UK and Eire members only, so if you’re not a member, consider signing up. Entries are open now and close on 1st June.

3. The Scottish Rock Digital Flower Show

Our sister Society, the Scottish Rock Garden Club, have a lively forum thread featuring plants that would’ve been exhibited at flower shows.

Feast your eyes on everything from Hepatica ‘Millstream Merlin’ to Corydalis Solida ‘Beth Evans’ – and everything in between! Which do you think would’ve won the Farrer medal (best plant in the flower show)?!

If you’re missing exhibiting your alpine plants, get a digital fix by popping photos of them on this thread for everyone to see. I can almost hear the delighted ‘oohs’ from the crowds now!

Absolutely anyone is eligible to join the forum, so simply register to take advantage peeps.

Use these digital flower shows to share your plants with the world and bring lockdown gardening to a whole new level.