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Coronavirus – Action

March 16, 2020
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Flower Shows Suspended

We have taken the decision to suspend all AGS flower shows due to the developing situation with coronavirus (COVID-19). This is effective immediately and will continue until further notice.

The most important thing to the Society is the health and well-being of our community. While this decision has not been taken lightly, we did not feel we could continue our shows in good conscience when they might encourage the spread of the virus. This is especially pertinent to us, since many of our members are in higher risk categories.

Local Group Meetings

In normal circumstances, local AGS groups have regular meetings that are a source of great support for our members. However, in light of the situation, AGS headquarters is recommending that all local group activities also be suspended until further notice.

The final decision on whether local group activities will go ahead lies with your group leader. Please contact your local group if you’re unsure.


The AGS run tours to see alpine plants in their native habitats. However, many countries are now imposing travel restrictions that may affect our schedule.

Our planned tours are thus under constant review as we continue to monitor the developing situation closely. We will inform affected parties immediately if tours need to be cancelled to ensure the safety of our travellers.

Follow us for Updates

By helping to stop coronavirus being spread at our shows and meetings, we hope we are doing our part to preserve the health of our community and the nation.

While we cannot say when AGS activities will return to normal, we plan to reinstate them as soon as the threat of the virus has passed.

All other AGS actions will continue as planned—keep your eyes on our plant articles and watch out for the latest journal due to drop through your letterbox any second.

Please follow our AGS pages on Facebook or Twitter or bookmark our news pages for updates.