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Cacti of Argentina 2018 – Greentours

Northwestern Argentina is home to over 70 species of cacti. They range from the 300-year-old Trichocereus pascana (3m tall) to the improbably tiny Blossfeldia liliputana.
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Cacti Argentina Cacti Argentina Cacti Argentina Cacti Argentina


  • Lobivia aurea: It’s spectacular orange-yellow blooms dwarf the plant itself
  • Soehrensia formosa: It’s brilliant scarlet blooms are clear from afar.
  • Hieroglyph-engraved menhirs: sit among dry Chaco forest.
  • Inca’s Empire of the Sun: We’ll come across plenty of evidence of this ancient civilisation.
  • Purmamarca: Nestled at the foot of the Mountain of Seven Colours, its church is adorned with cactus woodwork!
DAY 1 Depart UK.
DAYS 2 -3 Córdoba, Villa Carlos Paz and Tanti.
DAYS 4 - 5 La Rioja.
DAYS 6 - 7 Catamarca.
DAYS 8 - 9 Tafí del Valle and Ruinas de Quilmes.
DAYS 10 - 11 Salta & Santa Rosa Tastil.
DAY 12 Yungas cloud forest.
DAYS 13 - 14 Quebrada de Humahuaca & the high Puna.
DAY 15 Pucará de Tilcara.
DAY 16 Return to Buenos Aires.

*Prices are £4,845 for a Buenos Aires return and £5,595 London return.