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There are communities of AGS members all over the UK as well as several overseas groups. Our groups provide a great opportunity for members to meet and share their passion for alpines.

About our Local Groups

The AGS would not be the same without its many local groups spread all over the country – indeed, the world! These groups foster a love of alpine plants in their local community.

These communities of alpine enthusiasts share their knowledge and expertise with one another, exchange rare and beautiful alpines and chew the alpine fat over tea and cake.

When you put it like that, who wouldn’t want to be a local group member?!

Local groups usually meet once a month, slowing down in the alpine off-season at the height of summer. So if you’re a gardener of a different stripe, alpines are a fun way to extend your gardening season!

Group meetings often involve a talk from a plant expert, a raffle and a plant sale. Groups also arrange trips out to gardens and places of interest throughout the year.

Effects of Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed things somewhat for our local groups – to put it mildly! But many of them are still very active and arranging virtual meetings and talks. Some are even arranging socially distanced gatherings to keep the alpine enthusiasm alive in a Covid-safe fashion.

Interested? Find your local group now!

Where are the Local Groups?

From Kent to Cork, Oxford to Australia, there are local groups spread all over the world!

You can find all groups, both in the UK and beyond, in our local groups directory.

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