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Androsace lanuginosa

October 8, 2017
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Scientific name: Androsace lanuginosa
Common name:
 Woolly rock jasmine
Family: Primulaceae
Origin: North West Himalaya

Androsace lanuginosa is a native of the North West Himalaya (from the Himachal Pradesh to western Nepal).

In its native habitat, it grows on grassy slopes from 1,800-3,000m – a height not easily achieved in a UK garden! Fortunately, this is a highly adaptable plant.


The trailing, interlacing stems form loose cushions and are tinged red in youth. The small, pointed, grey-green leaves are covered with dense hairs. This gives the plant a silvery look.

Flowers are usually pink with dark eyes. Occasionally, they can be lilac with a yellow-green eye. Flower spikes have up to 15 florets with rounded, slightly overlapping petals.

A. lanuginosa flowers in late summer (usually July but sometimes as early as June).

How to grow Androsace lanuginosa

Good at adapting to its environment, it thrives in most soils but does appreciate some shade. Plant in a spot that offers some protection from wet winter weather.

A. lanuginosa makes a great addition to a scree bed, crevice or rock setting.


This plant is fairly easy to propagate from summer cuttings or layers. The trailing stems also tend to root spontaneously.