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Alpines for Beginners Talk

August 28, 2020
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New to the marvellous world of alpine plants? You need our Alpines for Beginners talk by expert John Good!

Packed with top tips and incredible imagery, John Good’s Alpines for Beginners talk takes you through everything you need to know to get started with alpine plants.

Learn how to grow Trillium, Meconopsis, Sempervivum, Cyclamen and more to best effect in your own garden. Think about garden design and the placement of different plants and features to create a true haven.

Thirsty for more? Try our Top 9 Alpines for Beginners or, if you’d like more of John’s stellar advice, find his Alpine Gardening for Beginners on sale in our shop.

It’s a fabulous introduction to growing alpines, written in John’s classic style.

Alpine Gardening for Beginners Product Alpine gardening for beginners is one of the most popular AGS Guides, intended for the complete novice. The author explains in plain words all the bas...
John Good alpine gardening for beginners
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