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Photographer’s Diary

See images from AGS plant shows and garden visits in our Photographer's Diary.

Diary entries

13 May 2019 – East Anglia Show 2019

01 May 2019 – A trip to Somerset

24 Apr 2019 – Kent Spring Show 2019

20 Apr 2019 – Therfield Heath

16 Apr 2019 – Midland Show 2019

13 Apr 2019 – The Wonder of Wildside

27 Mar 2019 – South West Show 2019

09 Mar 2019 – Loughborough Spring Show 2019

02 Mar 2019 – Harlow Early Spring Show 2019

26 Feb 2019 – Snowdrop Heaven

23 Feb 2019 – Pershore Early Spring Show 2019

22 Feb 2019 – South Wales Show 2019

20 Feb 2019 – A quick visit to Blackthorn

25 Jan 2019 – A visit to Carmarthenshire

14 Oct 2018 – Harlow Carr Show 2018


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About the author


Jon Evans

Jon Evans lives and gardens on the north side of the Hogsback on the border between Hampshire and Surrey, on a heavy clay soil. He is a long standing member of the AGS and has been treasurer of the Woking group for many years. He is especially interested in bulbs of all sorts, particularly those from South Africa, and is progressing slowly towards his Gold Medal at shows, at the rate of roughly one first per year.

However, he is best known within the AGS as an enthusiastic amateur photographer. For about 10 years he was responsible for organising the artistic and photographic section of the AGS shows around the country, and also for organising the show photography. During this period, he set up and ran the AGS Digital Image Library. He is still actively involved in plant photography, both at shows (he visits many shows each year to catalogue the extraordinary achievements of the exhibitors) and in gardens both public and private, and he makes regular outings to view and photograph wild flowers in the UK.