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Our work with the RSPB

May 3, 2018

Due to years of overgrazing, upland flora native to the Lake District have been decimated. Working in partnership with the RSPB, we are bringing the area of Haweswater back to life. We will do this by creating a safe haven where plants can thrive.

Our contribution of £30,000 will help create a 29 hectare enclosure at Harter Fell. The enclosure will include a walkthrough so visitors can see what uplands should look like when alpines are allowed to flourish.


Alpine Garden Society conservation RSPB Haweswater

A team of volunteers, including AGS members, fenced off the conservation area in March 2017.


AGS members will be playing their part too. As well as helping to propagate suitable plants, they will be taking part in planting days. This is just one example of how a donation to the AGS can ensure that alpines will thrive in the UK for years to come.

Support our conservation efforts

Protecting the habitat of alpine plants in the UK is essential to the biodiversity of our environment.