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Alpine Plant Tours

The Society operates tours all over the world. Our trips are a fantastic opportunity to see plants, including many rare and unusual species, in their native habitats.
Where do we go?

While we do often run tours more than once, the overall tour schedule is different every year. You will always find something to spark your interest!

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Who goes on an AGS tour?

Each tour is led by one or more experts in the area and the plants that grow there. The age range varies and we often have solo travellers join us, but all will share your passion for plants.

Our trips are exclusive to AGS members so you’re guaranteed to share your experience with like-minded people. If you’re not a member yet, why not join us today and enjoy a range of other benefits including a quarterly journal, free access to AGS Shows and online Zoom lectures?

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Which tour is right for me?

From itineraries that incorporate cultural and historic landmarks, to those dedicated to serious plant-hunting, there is a tour to suit every level of plant enthusiast. Have a read of the itinerary before booking to see the types of activities on offer.

Some of our tours are less physically demanding, particularly to European destinations, so are better suited for those with limited mobility. Our long-haul trips tend to be more adventurous, with opportunities to see plants in varying habitats (often at high altitude). For this reason, a reasonable level of fitness is required.

Can I Collect Plants on a Tour?

The short answer is no. Collecting plants, bulbs or seeds from the wild is not permitted on AGS tours.

We know you love these plants as much as us! But we positively discourage this practice because it has negative impacts on the survival of these fantastic plants species in the wild.

Occasionally, we may be accompanied on the tour by researchers who are collecting plants for research and conservation purposes. If you’re hoping to do this, you need to secure the relevant permits from the country in question and show us evidence that you have done so before embarking on the tour.

We’re very strict about this – anyone found to be collecting plant material on our tours illegally will be removed from the tour. So, please don’t do this! Instead, enjoy the plants as they are meant to be enjoyed – in their natural habitats.

Find out more about plant conservation laws and why it’s important to comply with them here.