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Southwestern Turkey 2020 (Greentours)

A magical display of flowers garlands the still glorious autumn landscape of the unspoilt Taurus Mountains.
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  • Crocuses everywhere! See the purple-centred ivory flowers of rare C. mathewii and the rarer C. wattorium.
  • Bright purple-pink Colchicum baytopiorum at impregnable Termessos (on the south-west side of the mountain Solymos).
  • Magnificent Tahtali Mountain rises behind our second hotel and nearby under ancient gnarled plane trees we’ll encounter massed displays of Galanthus peshmeni.
  • Juniper dotted slopes host rare Colchicum sanguicolle and magnificent violet-blue Crocus speciosus.
  • See the chequered blooms of Colchicum variegatum on slopes below the haunt of golden Sternbergia clusiana and the weird Biarum pyrami.


More information, including accommodation details and full itinerary, can be found on the Greentours website.


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