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Virtual Talk Video: How to Grow Favratia zoysii

January 27, 2021

Find out how to grow Favratia zoysii for exhibition with top tips from expert, Ian Instone!

Favratia zoysii (aka Campanula zoysii or crimped bellflower) can be found growing on rocky outcrops in Slovenia, northern Italy and Austria.

Its crimped flowers narrow towards the tip and end in a unique five-pointed star. Wow!

This rare beauty is coveted by many growers, but it’s a tricky one to keep in cultivation. Put simply, it’s liable to kick the bucket with the slightest agitation!

Expert Favratia Grower Shares Top Tips

That’s why we asked expert grower, Ian Instone, to give us his top tips on how to grow Favratia zoysii!

After years of effort, Ian has produced one of the largest plants anyone in our Society has ever seen. Unsurprisingly, it won an award in our Online Flower Show (summer/autumn 2020).

To see how Ian does it, you can now watch his talk in full below. Thanks Ian!