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Rhodohypoxis baurii

September 2, 2018
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Other names: Red star, rosy posy
Family: Hypoxidaceae
Origin: South Africa


At its best in June, R. baurii is a wonderful addition to the summer alpine garden. It is a tuft-forming herbaceous perennial with 6-petalled, star-shaped flowers in shades of pink or red.

How to grow

Suitable for rock gardens or as a pot plant.

R. baurii prefers well-drained, acidic or neutral soil and full sun. Protect from wet weather during winter by covering garden plants with a piece of slate. Pot plants can be stored at the back of the potting shed or garage.

Start to water sparingly in April then regularly when in full growth. Allow it to dry out completely as the flowers die off.


To propagate by seed, sow seeds in pots when ripe (usually spring).

Propagate by division in late autumn.