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As a charity, we rely on the help and support of alpine gardening enthusiasts like you.

Your support is vital and your donations allow us to carry out conservation work, fund important research in the alpine field and support horticulturists at the start of their career. Every contribution makes a real difference to us, no matter the amount! Making a donation is easy and secure.

Each year, our Traineeship Scheme helps a young horticulturist deepen their professional knowledge of alpine plants. Your gift could help to train and inspire the next generation of professional alpine gardeners!

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The AGS runs one of the world’s largest seed exchanges. You can give a one-off gift to support the Seed Exchange.

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The Alpine Garden Society is a registered charity dedicated to the study and conservation of alpine plants and their wild habitats.

We fund conservation projects that protect alpine plants. Your donation can further our efforts to save these threatened plants and environments.

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