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We're a plant society and registered charity dedicated to the cultivation and conservation of alpine plants. Become a member today for just £36. You'll get exclusive access to virtual talks by experts, our respected journal, The Alpine Gardener, our extensive seed exchange, and the warm glow of doing something fantastic for the environment.

Seed Exchange

The AGS Seed Exchange is one of the biggest in the world. Every year, members donate a wide variety of seed and we act as a central hub, receiving, packing and posting the seed so that members can exchange good quality, unusual seed with one another.

The seed exchange is now closed for donations, but seed orders will open on 1st November!

Please note: It does not matter whether you place your seed order on the first day or the last day of seed ordering going live. Orders are NOT allocated on a first come first served basis. This means you are in with an equally good chance of getting the best seed, regardless of how fast you are at hitting the 'order' button!

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Seed orders are currently closed Seed exchange opens 1st November 2020
The seed exchange is open to AGS members - not a member? Join us now! Join Us

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