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Started by: Jean-Patrick AGIER

I'm looking for VOL. 62 issue n3 of the alpine gardener ( mostly about tropaeolum) Does any member has this publication and would agree to "get rid " of it? I'm a tropaeolum enthusiast and would like to exchange tips on cultivation, seeds, informations

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Contribution from Diane Clement 11 January 2009, 23:26top / bottom of page

I have a spare copy of this volume. Can you email me on with your details

Contribution from Chris McGregor 21 January 2009, 22:41top / bottom of page

You can obtain back copies of 'The Alpine Gardener' by contacting AGS Centre - either by e-mail, telephone or post. The staff will be very happy to assist with any enquiries.

Contribution from Jean-Patrick AGIER 22 January 2009, 23:16top / bottom of page
Alpine Gardener vol.62 issue n3

Many thanks Diane for sending me your spare copy I received today. I'm thinking of what to swap. I'll keep in touch...

Contribution from Jean-Patrick AGIER 04 March 2009, 22:20top / bottom of page
tropaeolum moritzianum

Hello, Apart from many rare annual tropaeolum I'm looking for Tropaeolum MORITZIANUM. Does anyone knows where to find seeds of it? Many thanks

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