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Started by: Robert Amos

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Contribution from Rob Amos 23 July 2011, 10:33top / bottom of page
Another Step into the 21st Century

The AGS is a modern Society. This is obvious just by visiting the website, which is far more than simply an online notice board, or by looking at the popularity of workshops focussing on digital photography. I am pleased to report that we have now taken another step into the twenty-first century - the AGS has taken the plunge and joined Facebook!

This has opened us up to a huge audience and possibly an audience that we would not otherwise have reached. Although the main purpose of our page is to attract younger people (i.e. sixteen to twenty-five year olds) anyone is welcome to contribute. Facebook is of course used by people of all ages but at the moment I think it is the best place for the Society to start to build up a stronger identity for its younger members. Hopefully, when others can see that the AGS is not just for people past the pension age, the page will eventually lead to more young people joining.

Below is a link to the page. I think you need to have joined Facebook before you can view it though, so I have also included a screenshot.

To be honest Facebook is not the most flexible system, but if anyone has any ideas about what should be on there you are more than welcome to put them forward.

Another Step into the 21st Century

Contribution from David Nicholson 25 July 2011, 20:58top / bottom of page

Robert, I've stayed clear of Facebook as my brother told me that when he joined Facebook in some way his Address Book names became common property. He had Facebook requests to be his Friend from people who were in his Address Book but he had not told any of them that he joined Facebook. Sounds odd I know.

Contribution from Rob Amos 25 July 2011, 22:26top / bottom of page

In some ways that is how Facebook works. Not by hacking into your address book or anything similar, but by suggesting friends on the basis of the information you put in.

For example it might pick up on the fact that both X and Y went to the same school, or live in the same place. Or it might see that both X and Y are friends with Z and will suggest that X and Y become friends. I should point out that it is not Facebook that makes the requests; they might make a suggestion but the person to whom the suggestion is made has to make the request. I hope that all makes sense!

Contribution from Marcus Viner 06 February 2012, 17:37top / bottom of page

Hi - Is this page actually live, as there don't seem to be many contributions! Would be good to see some photos, details of shows, local groups etc. I think it could be a great way to encourage people to "get into" alpines!

Contribution from Rob Amos 06 February 2012, 17:45top / bottom of page

Hi Marcus,

The page is live. Details of the shows can be found in the Events section and I have also uploaded information about the dates and venues of the local groups (but no contact details other than Pershore's) under Notes. There are also some photos from a couple of shows last year and the Chelsea display and more photos will be added during the 2012 season.

Contribution from Marcus Viner 06 February 2012, 18:25top / bottom of page

Thanks Robert, I have now found the right page! Doesn't help that FB is all over the place at the moment while they inplement the new format.

Contribution from Tim Ingram 06 February 2012, 20:58top / bottom of page

My daughters use Facebook all the time although I never have, but it is interesting to read Robert's description of how links can be made between people. I get the feeling reading comments from older members, here and on the other alpine forums, that there is a strong resistance due to the way personal contacts can be disseminated so much more widely - but that does sound to be a major point of Facebook in the first place! One of the contributors to SRGC has said she has found it very valuable in running her business, others have said they would be happy to be involved in linking the website with interested people using Facebook. It all seems a world away from the AGS site at present (!) and does indicate the need for a lot more Internet savvy members to begin to get together. From being quite a slow starter with the web age, I am now seeing the huge value it can have when you meet up with people of such similar strong interests, and the way this directs you to further contacts and saves quite a bit of the hassle of wading through many fairly useless sites that just tend to regurgitate information. The AGS site, if it could emulate the quality of the Bulletin over the years, could become a wonderful resource, but it's not getting there at the moment!

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