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Plants in the Wild: Everest region in September

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Started by: Susan Read

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Contribution from Susan Read 02 December 2009, 19:45top / bottom of page

Sep 28th. A long day, walking to Gorak Shep, on to Base Camp and then back to Gorak Shep for the night. Tha altitude gain is not great...Gorak Shep is 5140m and base Camp 5364m. We set out at dawn but got into the sun fairly soon.

Pic before last went slow then decided it was 'done'. Next, looking across the glacier seems Ok. Along here the tanacetum was flowering,Leontopodium, and Potentilla fruticosa

Approaching Gorak Shep for drink/2nd breakfast

Next stage had the dwarf delpinium, Arenaria edgeworthii (one plant still flowering) and Cortiella hookeri?

Saussurea simpsonii?

Meconopsis horridula (or similar) now past flowering

It was still upright!

Base camp ..usual late afternoon cloud

Contribution from Chris McGregor 02 December 2009, 23:32top / bottom of page

Hi Susan

I just wanted to say how very much I have enjoyed looking through your pictures. For those of us who have not visited the Everest region they provide a fascinating record of what must have been a wonderful trip. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Contribution from Susan Read 03 December 2009, 11:32top / bottom of page

Thank you.

Everest Base Camp itself is a bit of an anti-climax.

I chose to go in Sept, hoping for late summer flowers, gentians and clear post monsoon weather: we had all of those but not all the time. A few years back I found August was excellent for flowers but flights to Lukla were problematic (I will put some of the August pics up some time). September: a few on the return walk

Primula caveana and above Aconitum?naviculare

Looking back up the glacier in morning light

Dughla pass (with memorials) and mts Cholatse, Taboche and Arakam Tse......these seem to be the ones that got duplicated taken from Dingboche!

Codonopsis ?thalictrifolia

By the 1st Oct we are down in the forest. Two of our trekking staff with a local porter at a suspension bridge.

First attempt produced half pic! (Can web master delete if required?)

Last day 2nd Oct short walk Pakding to Lukla lobelia seguinii.

Traditional dog etc.....

This really is the last one, the lodge at Lukla before flight next morning

Contribution from Mel Linney 03 December 2009, 12:23top / bottom of page

Susan, I've enjoyed every instalment of your visit to the Everest region. If there was an award for best discussion thread I'm sure you would win it.I am now waiting in anticipation of your encore (August Pictures).In the meantime let's give Susan a round of applause.

Contribution from David Nicholson 04 December 2009, 14:09top / bottom of page

I second Mel's post. This is a smashing thread and has gone a long, long way towards brightening the most gloomy day here today.

Contribution from Susan Read 04 December 2009, 17:40top / bottom of page

Thanks, I enjoyed looking at the pictures again myself. It made me think about the plant names. On the whole I have to do it from books with pictures. Any thoughts on identification would be welcome.

Contribution from John Humphries 07 December 2009, 19:53top / bottom of page
Thank you Susan,

Having done some chains of images in the past I can imagine how much work and effort went into posting all of these.

Rest assured there are many more who see them than comment but I'm sure every one of them would thank you as well.

Lets have some more form others in the silent majority.

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