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Plants in the Garden: Plants at Copton Ash in Kent

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Started by: Tim Ingram

A look at various plants in our garden this spring

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Contribution from Tim Ingram 22 January 2012, 09:08top / bottom of page

The round bed in the middle of the lawn that I mentioned earlier is now getting a new topdressing with gravel before the bulbs really get growing too much. This also encourages me to work on other areas of the garden nearby, and a woodland border has been cleared of the previous year's foliage to show off the hellebores and snowdrops as they get into their stride. We have been lucky so far with such a mild and relatively dry winter and clearances in the garden are continuing apace. This is part of a real push to convince Kentish gardeners that our Group and the AGS is a Society worth joining, but also, I have have to say, I do really enjoy gardening!

Contribution from Tim Ingram 25 January 2012, 13:34top / bottom of page
Snowdrops 2012

Snowdrops do creep up on you as a garden matures and we are no exception. Some are now making quite extensive groupings and the more choice varieties have been planted under the apple trees with a variety of later flowering woodland perennials and quite a few ferns. In other places i have tried to 'naturalise' G. nivalis by burying seed pods in the soil when they are ripe but still green - the resulting little tufts of seedlings flower after 3 years or so. Much fewer of the named varieties set seed but a few, like 'Gerard Parker' and 'Trym' do, and the same technique used with these can throw up interesting seedlings.

Snowdrops 2012

I particularly like the mixed plantings that can develop in 'woodland' settings and amongst the snowdrops are other early flowering plants such as primroses and good foliage plants like heucheras. Finally several snowdrop varieties flowering now: 'Gerard Parker', 'Hippolyta' and 'Ivy Cottage Green Tip'.

Contribution from Tim Ingram 29 January 2012, 18:09top / bottom of page

A few other bulbs and tubers coming into their own now. Narcissus panizzianus was grown from Archibald seed and is always one of the earliest to flower in the garden here. Also from the same source I have grown a lot of Muscari pseudomuscari (chalusicum), which is a well behaved and very attractive species, producing this one early flower spike just now. Cyclamen coum are not flowering greatly but selections from Tilebarn Nursery are some of the most showy plants in the garden at the moment. And finally a little grouping of Astelia nervosa, Corydalis quantmeyeriana 'Chocolate Stars' and cyclamen - no flowers but great foliage.

Contribution from Tim Ingram 07 February 2012, 22:19top / bottom of page

Just a week or so later and the scene changes - winter has arrived! The garden has a real beauty under these conditions, and the weeding and tidying of recent weeks is replaced by seed sowing and cleaning the long dutch light greenhouse of old hellebore plants, ready for the new seedlings of spring.

Galanthophiles everywhere must be having withdrawel symptoms as the flowers disappear under the snow, and exhibitors sighing a little with relief that a spell of cold weather might hold back plants coming on too fast. The joys of the garden in winter.

Contribution from Mel Linney 08 February 2012, 09:52top / bottom of page

Tim, I enjoy my regular visits to your garden [albeit through the ether]and I wait for more of what you have to offer. I think this is an excellent way of promoting interest in our society to a wider audience of which, I am sure,number in the thousands and not only members. I have just read your latest entry after a trip up the garden to feed the Hens and the outside thermometer was registering -10. Cyclamen coum which has been flowering since mid December looks in a bit of a state but it soon bounces back. This picture is from last Winter.

Just to finish, I think it would be a good idea for other members to start a thread in a similar way to you. It can be in the garden, at the shows or on holiday but above it will give more interest to the wider public and can be a lot of fun.It will also enhance this top rate website.

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