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AGS Shows: BLACKPOOL SHOW 14th March 2009 - Joint AGS & SRGC Show

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Started by: CLIFF BOOKER

Many thanks to Lionel Clarkson and his excellent team for another splendid Blackpool Show

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Contribution from Cliff Booker 16 March 2009, 15:05top / bottom of page

Asarum close-up

Brian & Shelagh Smethurst's prize winning Celmisia longifolia

Callianthemum anemenoides

Callianthemum kernerianum



Cyclamen coum

Fritillaria caucasica

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 16 March 2009, 17:35top / bottom of page

Great shots Cliff, thanks for posting. I was doubly impressed by the cliff dwellers growing horizontally. How did the exhibitors overcome the problems of gravity when staging their plants?

Contribution from john lee 16 March 2009, 18:17top / bottom of page

May I add my thanks Cliff super pics,I like Martin failed to make Blackpool,(wish I could grow a good plant or two)I may manage a couple for East Lancs, Cliff I know you will be on duty and will not be able to join the rest of us at the local ale house,Not having been to this venue before I hope there is a local?I expect Diane will lead the way.Tony,

Contribution from Diane Clement 16 March 2009, 18:39top / bottom of page

Thanks Cliff for the great pictures of a great show. We look forward to next Saturday at East Lancs, new venue of Whitworth Civic Hall. Not sure about lunch venues, Tony, but I am sure that Cliff as a native of Whitworth will have some recommendations.

Contribution from Cliff Booker 16 March 2009, 19:34top / bottom of page

Thanks folks for the kind comments ... Martin, could I ask how I can amend individual postings (i.e. the cliff dwellers that impressed you so much)? I can't seem to locate a mechanism to facilitate amendments? As for pubs in Whitworth I am investigating for you all (a great pleasure I might add) and will have the latest information ready for your lunchtime treat on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, the alternatives are decreasing with every passing week ... like the rest of the U.K. pubs in this part of the North-West are closing at an alarming rate. We look forward to welcoming you all to our 'clogs and shawls' township on 21st March.

Contribution from David Hoare 16 March 2009, 20:31top / bottom of page

Great pictures Cliff it was good to see you at the Show. It was my first visit to the Blackpool Show and I would like to say how friendly & helpfull everbody was to me, thank you to the kind people that carried some of my large pots in to the hall. And a big thank you to Lionel and his team for putting on a good show. My turn this Saturday in Kent.I hope its as good as Blackpool was. Best Wishes David.

Contribution from Mel Linney 18 March 2009, 22:14top / bottom of page
Plants from the 'B &C Section.

Here's a nice pot of snowdrops from Mala Janes.

Plants from the 'B &C Section.

Three pan entry from Mike & Mandy McLaughlan

A very nice Hellebore from Chloe Eyre.

Sorry about that,the Dionysia belongs to Margaret Pickering. Here comes the Hellebore.

Narcissus 'Minicycla' from Ian Tyrell.

Entry from John Bunn

Another Dionysia, this time from Tony Taziker.

Last but not least this Cyclamen from Alma Papworth.

Congratulations to Robin Pickering for gaining most points in 'B' section and also winning the S.R.G.C. Bronze Medal. Also congratulations to Michael & Mandy Mc Loughlin who won the 'C' Section Trophy.

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