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Dianthus: Dianthus

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Contribution from Rick Lambert 19 April 2012, 00:10top / bottom of page
Dianthus oschtenicus

Dianthus oschtenicus is missing from the list.

I could do up a description if required using the format of the other entries. Recently introduced from Caucasus.

R. Lambert

Contribution from Rick Lambert 20 April 2012, 21:20top / bottom of page

The early Dianthus are just coming into flower and this one is a white form of D. freynii (I think)

D. leucophaeus is extending its flowering stems parallel to the ground.

A similar habit to D. brachyanthus, but that will not flower for a while.

From the same source as 'Eira Wen' comes D. 'Conwy Star'

I don't know how many of you grow this newly introduced species from the Caucasus, but note that it is completely herbaceous and does not show any signs of life until mid April. Beware! It is a beautiful plant with large flowers.

Dianthus callizonus, perhaps the beauty of the alpine section, is similar in its growth.

Contribution from Rick Lambert 22 April 2013, 12:25top / bottom of page

I forgot to put in tht the white D freynii? is Dianthus 'Eira Wen'

and the Dianthus from the Caucasus is D. osctenica

Contribution from Rick Lambert 22 April 2013, 12:45top / bottom of page

I have had a lot of Dianthus damage/losses this winter and I think it was the wet autumn which meant that the late growth did not ripen.

My oldest plant of Dainthus anatolicus(35 years) will have to be cut back severely. Some species and cultivars are unharmed

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