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Youtube videos on alpine plants

March 10, 2022

Some of the talks we have organised in the past are now available to watch online. Learn more about alpine plants from our experts, in these Youtube videos!

Fascinating snowdrops

This video is a fabulous introduction to snowdrop variations by David MacLennan, with photos courtesy of both David and Margaret MacLennan, who are the National Collection Holders for Galanthus with Scientific Status.

A huge thank you to them for sharing their knowledge and love of snowdrops with our audience!

Snowdrops for Beginners

Michael Myers is a horticulture lecturer at Craven College, an AGS silver medal holder and a famed snowdrop grower! Discover the incredible variations among snowdrops in his all-encompassing talk – from pure white forms, like ‘Blanc de Chine’ to yellow varieties, like ‘Spindlestone Surprise,’ and everything in between.

Also see Michael’s list of 11 recommended snowdrops. These will give you snowdrops that do well in the garden throughout the season – from September to April – even for novice growers.

Ian Instone – Favratia zoysii

Favratia zoysii (aka Campanula zoysii) is a notoriously difficult plant to grow. It can get to a sizeable plant and then suddenly pop its clogs for apparently no good reason, but not if Ian Instone’s got anything to do with it!

Restoring Native Alpines with David Morris

Our President, David Morris, has been a keen naturalist and gardener since his childhood years in North Yorkshire. His love of seeing plants on the uplands in the wild and his desire to conserve them for future generations, brought out an enthusiasm for growing alpine plants that continues to this day. David has had various roles at the RSPB. He is now Area Operations Manager for the organisation across Cumbria and Northeast England. David and his team conserve the rich native alpine-arctic plant communities left hanging on at the Haweswater reserve in the Lake District National Park.