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Western Iberia 2020 (Greentours)

This tour takes us to the Narcissus hotspot of Iberia, the centre of evolution and diversity of these wonderful flowers. A must for Narcissus enthusiasts!
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  • In Central Portugal, drifts of Narcissus asturiensis and Crocus carpetanus colour the mountains of the Serra da Estrela.
  • N. calcicola and N. obesus prefer the rugged limestone of the Serra de Porto de Mos.
  • In the coastal Serra da Arrabida, N. bulbocodium is abundant amongst Tulipa sylvestris, Arisarum simmorhinum and Anemone palmata.
  • Distinctive N. triandrus (and some fine hybrids with the rare N. scaberulus) and sweetly-scented N. papyraceus enjoy loamy banks in the Tejo drainage, an area home to several early-flowering orchids.
  • In Andalucia we’ll encounter N. assoanus and endemic N. cuatrecasasii.
  • N. hispanicus is plentiful in Spanish Fir forests and in the Sierra de Alcaparaín is ghostly N. cantabricus.
  • N. bulbocodium, N. cordubensis and N. jonquilla adorn meadows dotted with cork oaks.
  • We’ll also see plentiful orchids, fritillaries and Linaria in rich limestone turf.

With such beauty and elegance on offer, it’s fitting that this tour has us staying in some fine hotels where we can also enjoy excellent cuisine during our visit to the home of the daffodil.


More information, including accommodation details and full itinerary, can be found on the Greentours website.


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