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Tulips in the Tien Shan – run by Greentours for the AGS

This tour will be led by Kurt Vickery & Vladimir Kolbintsev. A truly remarkable display of colourful tulips carpet the mountains and valleys of Southern Kazakhstan in spring. Chief among them are the magnificent goblets of Greig’s tulip which come in an unforgettable pageant of reds, oranges and yellows.
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The lower slopes of these Mountains of Heaven are home to many species – there’s swathes of multi-coloured Tulipa ostrowskiana and Tulipa kolpakowskiana, the water-lily flowers of Tulipa kaufmanniana, Stunning red Tulipa albertii and luminous yellow and orange Tulipa lehmanniana among twenty species of tulip that include rarities such as Tulipa buhseana, Tulipa lemmersii, Tulipa tetraphylla and the lovely bicoloured Tulipa zenaidae. But these are just part of a floral extravaganza. There’s Fritillary-like Korolkovia severzovii and little pink Rhinopetalum stenantherum, the white stars of Crocus alatavicus and among half a dozen species of Iris is the many-hued Iridodictyum kolpakovskianum. Flocks of up to a thousand Demoiselle Cranes migrate over rocky valleys ablaze with Juno subdecolorata, Iris ruthenica, Paeonia hybrida and the milky wands of Eremurus lactiflorus.

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